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August 10, 2013

Science for Kids

30 Science Experiments for Kids

30 hands on science activities and experiments for kids

My favorite subject to homeschool is science.  I love the hands on experiments and demonstrations I get to do with the boys.  Whenever we start a new school year, the first thing I do is read through the science curriculum we will be doing.  Over the years I have shared quite a few hands on science ideas for kids.  Here are my favorites.

Hands on Science for Kids

Find out if salt water evaporates.

Learn about the sun while growing bean seeds.

Simple science experiment to demonstrate how the sun gives us life

Make paint using rain as the main ingredient.

Use colored baking soda and vinegar to learn about color theory.

Use toothpaste to demonstrate a volcano.

Make milk dance with glow in the dark colors.

GLOWING magic milk experiment - cool science for kids with an added sensory element they will love.

Demonstrate what causes an earthquake with dirt and cardboard.

Learn about lightning and how to make a spark.

How to demonstrate lightning - weather science for kids

Blow up balloons with soda and candy.  Which candy works best?

The coolest science experiment for kids ever!  How to blow up a balloon using soda - this is amazing fun for kids of all ages.

Play a game of sink or float, and put a twist on it for added learning.

Put a baggie on a tree branch to learn how a leaf gets water.

Simple science for kids - how does a leaf get water?

Find out how to make a needle float on water.

Use a flashlight and a mirror to learn how we get light from the moon.

A cool way to learn how the moon gives us light.  I love hands on science for kids!

Make water walk.

Learn about storms by observing conduction.

Weather science for kids - observing conduction

Learn about water pressure with this simple demonstration.

Make erupting art with soda and candy while exploring how candy reacts with soda.

Erupting art for kids - Art and science come together in this fun a beautiful experiment!

Demonstrate how the earth revolves around the sun to give us day and night.

Hands on color theory demonstration for kids with colored ice

Demonstrate how to make a sundial.

Make convection currents to learn about thunderstorms.

Make a water fountain out of recycled materials to demonstrate water power.

Make raisins using grapes and sunlight.

Making raisins - sun science for kids

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