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August 3, 2014

How Does a Leaf Get Water

Kindergarten Leaf Unit Study

A simple demonstration for kids to learn how a leaf gets water from a tree.

During our leaf unit study for My Father's World Kindergarten I set up a simple science demonstration to teach J-Bug how a leaf gets water.  We did this same demo back when JZ went through MFWK, and I have to say it is every bit as cool to me now as it was then.  The best part is there is literally zero set up involved.  Just grab a bag and find a tree!

 Demonstrate how a leaf gets water from a tree with this simple activity.

How to Demonstrate How a Leaf Gets Water

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  • a tree
  • a bag
Directions:  J-Bug picked out a tree in our backyard, and I attached a Ziploc bag to it, enclosing a branch covered in leaves.  I sealed the Ziploc enough to hold it in place.  The first time we did this demonstration I used a plastic grocery bag and tied the handles in a knot to secure it.  We left the bag on the tree for a week, checking it every day.

Simple science for kids - how does a leaf get water?

At the end of the week the bag had collected a good amount of water.  I explained to J-Bug that plants absorb nutrients and water through their roots.   The water flows through the veins of a tree like water in pipes reaching every leaf on every branch.

Leaf science for kids - a simple demo to teach how leaves get water from trees

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