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April 27, 2014

My Father's World Kindergarten

Kindergarten Unit Studies

We use My Father's World as our core curriculum.  Last year I blogged about many of the weekly unit studies I did with JZ.  I stopped part way through the year, because it became too time consuming to take photos of our daily homeschool life and to write each detailed post.  I recently started kindergarten with J-Bug, and I decided I'm going to share some of our favorite hands on activities from each unit.  I won't go into full detail about everything we do each day, but I hope to hit the highlights.

Why we chose My Father's World as our core curriculum:

1.  It centers on the Bible.  Rather than working the Bible in as a separate subject, all subjects revolve around God's Word.

2.  It has heavy Charlotte Mason influences tied up neatly into unit studies.  I am a huge Charlotte Mason fan.  I believe in starting formal education at a later age than our school system does, and I believe there is so much more to be learned in nature than in a classroom.  I believe that establishing a love for learning is much more important at this age than working through a check list of learned skills or facts.

3.  The hands on approach is what really sold me on My Father's World.  I'm not a sit at the desk with a worksheet kind of a person.  I have four active boys.  We don't want to spend our day at the dining room table.  We want to spend it playing outside, going on nature walks, doing art, and reading good literature.  My Father's World incorporates all of this into hands on unit studies.  So far it has been the perfect fit for our family.

As we wrap up each unit I will edit this post to include all the details.  For now this post looks a little bare.  Here are the finished units from last year when I did My Father's World kindergarten with JZ.

Ss is for Sun

Mm is for Moon

Ll is for Leaf

Aa is for Apple

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