March 2, 2015

Fizzing Bath Paint Recipe

Bath paint is so quick and easy to make, and it keeps little ones entertained for long periods of time.  The best part is that the mess is all contained! 

How to make bath paint that FIZZES!  It entertains little ones for long periods of time and then washes clean down the drain.

Color Surprise Bath Paints

We love making our own paint, especially erupting paint.  These fizzing bath paints were inspired by our color surprise eruptions and this color surprise fizzing paint from Mess for Less.  While being stuck indoors during a storm I knew that a new bath paint recipe would occupy my boys for a good hour, leaving me free to tidy my room.  (We did this activity in my bathroom, so I was close by and supervising the entire time.)

February 18, 2015

Frozen Rainbow Eruptions

In case you haven't noticed by now I have an obsession both with rainbows and also with baking soda and vinegar eruptions.  Rainbow eruptions make the most gorgeous eruptions ever.  Since we've had a heat wave I added a frozen element to the science play.

Gorgeous FROZEN rainbow eruptions - chilly science for kids

Fizzing Ice Rainbow

We have made rainbow eruptions before, and we love playing with rainbow ice.  I fell in love with these ice volcanoes from Reading Confetti, so I decided to combine the three ideas to make frozen rainbow eruptions.  Her frozen eruptions are different than these, so be sure to check out how she made her volcanoes.  Also, she has a great tip for getting the volcanoes to mold in a way that they will freeze just right. 

February 17, 2015

Oobleck Recipes

Hands down our favorite play recipe is Oobleck.  This non-Newtonian fluid is fun for kids and...well..adults too!

15 unique recipes and ways to play with OOBLECK

15 Ways to Play with Oobleck

Oobleck is so easy to make.  All you do is combine equal amounts of cornstarch and water.  I usually pour the cornstarch into a container first then slowly add water.  If you add too much the Oobleck will be runny.  I suggest working the mixture between your fingers to be sure you've mixed in all the cornstarch clumps before adding more water.  Of course you can add more cornstarch if the mixture is too runny, but sometimes that means opening a new container or not having enough cornstarch.  It's best to add the water slowly until you've got the right consistency.  If the mixture seems too firm and hard to play with, add a tiny bit more water.  You can add color, glitter, and much more.  I've gathered our favorite Oobleck recipes and put them together to create one amazing collection of ways to play with Oobleck.

February 16, 2015

Fizzing Rubber Band Snap Painting

If you haven't tried rubber band painting with your kids, you need to shut off your computer or phone and do it right now.  Well, maybe you should read the whole post first.  Then do it.  Seriously, this is one of our very favorite painting activities ever.

How to make FIZZING rubber band snap painting

Erupting Rubber Band Painting

Snap painting with rubber bands with fizzy paint!

How to Paint with Rubber Bands

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Directions:  I mixed roughly 1/8 cup of paint with a tablespoon of baking soda.  I repeated this for each color then poured small amounts of each color on the watercolor paper.  I've seen rubber band painting done many ways including by painting the rubber bands first and squirting paint on the paper first.  I chose the second option since I knew my boys would want to get right down to the part where the paint splats and makes a big mess.

JZ (7) was the first to sit down and snap a rubber band.  He jumped in surprise at the paint that splattered on him.

He started stretching and moving the rubber bands strategically to place them where they would connect with the largest pool of paint.

As you can see, this is a very messy activity.  We've never had an issue with washable paint staining, but I suggest wearing play clothes.  Here are tips for messy play as well as laundry tips to avoid stains and keep clothes bright.

The other boys quickly ran over to join in the fun, and they made it their goal to see who could get the messiest.

After the paint was sufficiently splattered, I pulled out a spray bottle full of vinegar.  The boys went to town covering the paint with vinegar and watching the fizzing fun.

The watercolor paper is optional, but I recommend it if you plan to keep the artwork.  The paint will dry overnight depending how much vinegar is sprayed.

Erupting rubber band snap painting - A painting activity that snaps, splatters, and fizzes!

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More messy ways to paint and play with colors:

20 colorful activities that combine art and science for kids  12 super fun paint recipes that pop and fizz, creating beautiful art eruptions  25+ hands on way to explore color theory - fun science for kids!

February 15, 2015

Homemade Scented Watercolor Paint Recipe

It has been way too long since I've shared a new paint recipe!  Well actually, this isn't a new recipe.  We've made it before.  Since these scented watercolors are so easy and inexpensive to make I decided they needed to be in a post of their own.

How to make two ingredient scented watercolor paint. of the ingredients is water!

Kool Aid Watercolor Paint Recipe

These homemade watercolors smell amazing and are made using only two ingredients, one being water!

Occasionally we reach for store bought paint, but more often than not we make our own paint.  We made these scented watercolors for the first time a couple of years ago when we had some friends over for a Kool Aid themed play date and then again when we painted in the rain.

February 14, 2015

All About Reading Pre-Reading

I use the All About Reading curriculum with JZ and love it, so last year when J-Bug asked for school work of his own I decided to try out the All About Reading pre-reading level for preschoolers.

Hands on, multi-sensory preschool curriculum to build pre-reading skills

Pre-Reading Curriculum for Preschool

Let me start by saying that I don't think preschoolers needs formal curriculum.  Preschoolers should play and explore and have quality books read to them often.  That being said, younger children usually see what their older siblings are doing and ask for work of their own.  That's what J-Bug did.  He loved All About Reading.  It was a great fit for him.  He especially loved Ziggy the Zebra.  A year later now in kindergarten, Ziggy still often makes an appearance in our school days.  (Ziggy comes in the Deluxe package.)

February 13, 2015

December 7, 2014

Simple Sensory Play for Kids

I'm excited to be sharing these four super simple sensory play ideas from Asia Citro of Fun at Home with Kids!

4 super simple sensory play recipes you can make right now!

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About a month ago we received a free copy of Asia's new book 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids to review, and my boys and I have been having a blast trying out her activities!  We love sensory play, and I let my kids each choose an activity from the book to include in our review.

Dinosaur Rescue World

J-Bug (5) was immediately drawn to the activities with dinosaurs.  We bought our dinosaur fossil skeletons after reading Asia's dinosaurs and sticky mud simple small world.  

This fizzing dinosaur rescue was every bit as fun as dinosaurs in sticky mud and then some!

What boy (or girl!) doesn't love some fizzing fun?  These dinosaurs were really stuck!  Without the magic ingredient they weren't going anywhere.  This activity set the stage for open ended creative play.  J-Bug jumped right in and created voices for each of the dinosaurs and had a whole story going before he began to rescue them.

Even after the bubbling stopped the boys played for a good hour with the dinosaurs.

All Natural Gel Finger Paints

Peanut (3) loves a good paint recipe, and Asia's all natural paints did not disappoint!  There are only two ingredients in this simple paint recipe, and one of them is incredibly moisturizing and gentle on skin.

My three year old twins still care more about the process than the end result, but it's important to note that these paints dry glossy and gorgeous.

The paints are squishy between the fingers and smooth on the paper.  Tank and Peanut painted paper after paper while I prepared their lunch.  The small amounts that got on the table washed away easily with water.

Glittery Grape Gak Dough

JZ (7) is obsessed with slime and oobleck, so as soon as he saw this recipe for borax free gak dough he had to try it.  It's sort of a mix between the two, yet completely different and awesome.

That's my hand in the photo, because yes I couldn't help but dig in and play with the gak dough.  It's soft and stretchy and smells incredible!  

Color-Mixing Fizzy Slush

Tank (3) is drawn to bright colors and anything he can run his fingers through again and again.  He chose fizzy colored slush, and I added the color mixing element Asia suggested in her book.

Tank and JZ, my sensory seekers, couldn't keep their hands out of the mixture.  It was soft and slushy, and the colors mixed together beautifully.

Even J-Bug who doesn't care to get his hands messy couldn't help but play.

The best part?  After an hour or so of sensory play, the boys got to make the mixture erupt.

How do you make all of these awesome sensory play recipes?  Order a copy of Asia's book 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids for the step by step instructions for these activities and at least 146 more!  We've been working our way through the book and loving all the ideas.  

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September 24, 2014

Apple Activities for Kindergarten

A wonderful collection of hands on apple themed learning to go along with My Father's World Kindergarten.

25 hands on learning activities with an apple theme including math, literacy, science, gross motor, and sensory play.

Fall is in the air, even here in San Diego!  (That means it's in the 80's instead of the triple digits, LOL.)  We recently wrapped up the apple theme unit of My Father's World Kindergarten, and here is the collection of hands on activities we did, as well as several favorites from around the web.