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April 23, 2015

Melted Crayon Art

Melted crayon art is the perfect way to use up old crayons and broken pieces.  Plus, it's gorgeous!

16 amazing art projects using melted crayons

I remember "painting" with crayons on a warm skillet back in kindergarten, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Throughout the years I've found a variety of ways to make art with melted crayons, and some of my favorite bloggers have come up with clever creations.  Before you get started, use this simple trick to peel crayons, so they are ready to go for your art projects.

16 Art Projects with Melted Crayons

See what happens when you stick some crayons into an old glue gun.

How to make melted crayon art

Draw on sandpaper then heat it up! ~ Buggy and Buddy

Make a pointillism inspired masterpiece using crayons and a candle. ~ 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Decorate Easter eggs with melted crayons. ~ Kids Play Box

Make splatter paintings with crayons. ~ Artistic Junkie

Melt crayon shavings between wax paper then mix the colors together. ~ The Vintage Prairie

Make paint from melted crayons. ~ Babble Dabble Do

melted crayon art : crayon painting

Use crayon shavings to put the final touch on a gorgeous painting. ~ Happy Hooligans

Collect sea shells then decorate them with melted crayons. ~ Fun at Home with Kids

Paint with crayons on marble tiles. ~ Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Crayon Painting • Artchoo.com

Use a blow dryer to melt crayons. ~ Pink Stripey Socks

Leave broken crayon pieces on a canvas in the sun. ~ Clumsy Crafter

Make melted crayon drawings. ~ Picklebums

melted crayon drawings

Decorate your own wooden blocks with melted crayon art. ~ The Artful Parent

Create gorgeous suncatchers to hang in your window using melted crayons. ~ Housing a Forest

Set up a toddler friendly crayon melting session. ~ Meri Cherry

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16 art projects for kids using melted crayons

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  1. These are so awesome! We just found a huge tub of gross crayons in my daughter's room and I refused to throw them away (despite the ick factor!!!)- so glad I held on to them!! Thank you!

  2. Really awesome Idea! I have also lots of crayons with my baby's collection. I will definitely give here this idea and she must love it.


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