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March 13, 2015

Homemade Tempera Paint Recipe

Have you ever made homemade tempera paint?  This might just be the easiest paint recipe we've ever made.

Simple tutorial to make homemade tempera paint in just two minutes!

Egg Paint Recipe

Can I make a confession?  I only recently found out that it's spelled tempera and not tempura.  I have countless posts on my blog calling it tempura paint.  Whoops!  A few readers pointed it out.  Maybe someday I will go back and edit all my old posts.  Or maybe I'll just continue to ignore the mistakes and move forward writing new posts.  At least now I know how to spell tempera!  We go through quite a bit of tempera paint in our house, and we also make a lot of homemade paint.  How fun to be able to make homemade tempera paint!

An invitation to make homemade tempera paint

How to Make Egg Tempera Paint

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Making homemade egg tempera paint

Directions:  To make homemade tempera paint first you need to separate one yolk from the white for every color you want to make.  We made four colors of tempera paint, so I separated four egg yolks, one in each container.  I suggest having an extra container nearby to throw the egg shells and whites into.  Or you could keep the whites separate and make yourself and egg white omelette. 

Mixing up homemade tempera paint

My boys took turns adding color to each yolk.  We didn't measure, but I would say we used anywhere between 1-2 tablespoons of liquid watercolor paint per yolk.  It all depends on the desired shade.  Food coloring can also be used, but liquid watercolors produce much more vibrant colors.

Two ingredient tempera paint recipe

The boys used a fork to mix the egg yolks and liquid watercolors.

How to make tempera paint with just two ingredients

That's it!  After mixing, the paint is ready.

I recommend taking into consideration the colors you choose since they will be mixed with the yellow egg yolk.  Some combinations might not turn out quite like you expect.  We chose red, yellow, tangerine, and lime, and all four colors were gorgeous.

Homemade tempera paint recipe

We use Colorations liquid watercolors, but if you prefer to shop on Amazon I have heard great things about Sax watercolors.

Making tempera paint - Kids will love making their own paint

The picture below shows what the homemade tempera paint looks like when dry.  It is glossy and beautiful!  

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  1. I love this posting! I have an old friend who is an artist who using egg tempera in her fresco paintings: wonderful murals on the sides of buildings. And, also the great masters (Michelangelo & DaVinci) used this type of paint. There are egg tempera examples all the way from the first century! It would be fun to apply it to an outdoor mural...but it WILL last forever!


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