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February 11, 2014

Erupting Flour Paint Recipe

Eruptions with Homemade Flour Paint

Homemade paint recipe that ERUPTS!  Kids will go nuts watching the paint fizz again and again.

The other day I shared the rainbow flour paint recipe I created, and today I'm excited to share the new spin we put on it!  What's more fun than homemade paint?  Homemade paint that erupts!  With a slight variance in the recipe, this batch of flour paint produced cool eruptions on our artwork.

How to Make Erupting Flour Paint

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Directions:  To make the erupting flour paint I simple switched out a little of the flour and added some baking soda.  I omitted the oil from the original recipe, since the purpose of the oil was to give the final product extra shine.

J-Bug (4) is always up for painting, so he happily sat by me and told me many stories while creating his masterpiece.

When he was done painting I offered him a spray bottle full of vinegar and told him to spray.

JZ (6) didn't have much interest in painting today, but when the spray bottles came out he eagerly joined in the fun.  I let him spray down my painting.

I only used a small amount of baking soda, because the idea was to make the paintings fizz, not to completely bubble over.

Homemade paint recipe that erupts!  Bonus: it's made from common household ingredients.

The boys were thrilled.  Erupting paint was a hit for sure!

Since they still had vinegar left in the spray bottles they asked if they could spray the rest of the paint.

The eruptions produced were very cool.

Recipe:  I used 2 tablespoons of flour and 1 tablespoon of baking soda as the base for the paint.  Next I added color and a small amount of water.  I didn't measure the water.  I added it slowly to avoid letting the paint get too runny.

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Homemade paint recipe that erupts!  Erupting art for kids

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  1. What a fun idea! I think this is just the thing to brighten up our rainy week. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this rainbow flour paint which you have created. You homemade pain is working great.


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