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February 9, 2014

Fine Motor Valentine's Day Art for Toddlers

Valentines Art ~ Q-tip Painted Hearts

I am so excited to have my dear friend Tammy sharing an activity today.  Tammy and I have grown close over the year, and as I got to know her better I realized that so many of my favorite pins on Pinterest were from her!  A couple of my favorites include Dancing Oobleck and Exploding Art.  Today she is sharing a Valentine's art project for toddlers.

Fine motor Valentine's Day art for toddlers

Hi everyone! I'm Tammy and I blog over at Housing A Forest. I'm super excited to be here to share our latest toddler art project. Painting with q-tip is nothing new, but my little ones LOVE it. We enjoy exploring unique painting materials and try new art processes. These simple q-tip painted Valentines are a perfect way to explore a fun inexpensive art process. 

Cotton Swabs make a frugal tool for creating art. They are perfect for making beautiful rainbows, simple dot snowflakes, and for fine motor tracing

Q-tip Painted Valentines ~  Simple toddler heart craft

Exploring a new Art medium

I placed the paint, cotton swabs and heart shape in front of the kiddos and encouraged them to explore. No special instructions are needed. I simply encouraged them to have fun and try something new.
Q-tip Painted Valentines ~  Simple toddler heart craft  

Quickly my almost kindergartner began making beautiful patterns. She chose her favorite colors and created a very calculated pattern.

  Q-tip Painted Valentines ~  Simple toddler heart craft

The kids also discovered that cotton swabs are not only great for making dots, but also for color mixing.

Q-tip Painted Valentines ~  Simple toddler heart craft  

I love seeing how kids explore a new material. As you can see in the image above, each of the 3 girls took a different approach.

  Egg carton paint pallet - up-cycle egg cartons for art projects

Egg Carton Paint Pallet

Don't throw out your old egg cartons, up-cycle them into a paint pallet for kids. We have been using egg cartons as our paint pallets for a while, and we love it. The first time I blogged about them was a few years ago for my daughters Art Birthday Party. Simply cut the egg cartons into the size you need and fill with paint.

  Q-tip Painted Valentines ~  Simple toddler heart craft

Have you explored Q-tips and paint?

Q-tip Painted Valentines ~  Simple toddler heart craft

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