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March 18, 2015

Painting with Eggs

It's that time of year when Easter eggs abound!  We usually go a little over board in the egg painting.  Why?  Well because it's fun of course!  We still have the same stash of plastic Easter eggs from the very first year that I filled them for JZ and J-Bug who are now seven and five.  I'm pretty sure I bought them at the dollar store or another value store.  With all of the fun art projects we've done with eggs, we've certainly gotten our money's worth!

12 amazing ways to paint and create with eggs!

In addition to creating art with plastic eggs we love to extend the creative play of dyeing real eggs.  I'm not an advocate for wasting food, but for these ideas the eggs were eaten first!  Be sure to check out all the ways the egg shells were used for art and other fun ways to paint with eggs, both real and plastic!

12 Ways to Make Art with Eggs

Combine art and science while drip painting with plastic Easter eggs.

Drip painting creations with plastic Easter eggs

Make egg shell collages with shells from dyed eggs.

Create big art by rolling eggs. ~ Hands on as We Grow

Fill eggs shells with powdered paint and throw them!  ~ Play Create Explore

Make homemade tempura paint using egg yolks.

How to make tempera paint with just two ingredients

Put a fun spin on marble roll painting with plastic Easter egg roll painting. ~ Fun at Home with Kids

Make your own Easter egg dye.

These egg shell sculptures are wonderfully open ended and look like tons of fun. ~ Messy Kids

Crack open the egg and paint. ~ Teach Preschool

Painting with plastic Easter eggs - a fun and frugal way to explore print making.  Bonus:  it builds fine motor skills! 

Paint egg shells. ~ Kids Play Box

Turn your plastic eggs into little shakers and paint with marbles.  ~ Sparkling Buds

12 amazing ways to paint and create with eggs!

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More Easter egg fun for kids:

Tips for dyeing Easter eggs with toddlers - keeping the process fun and stress free!  Glowing Easter egg sensory bin with water beads - what a cool combo!  Easter egg sensory bin - perfect for boosting fine motor skills


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