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March 23, 2015

Art with Nature

Spring is in the air, and the blooming flowers mean it's time to create some art with nature. 

25 art crazy cool art projects for kids inspired by nature

Of all our favorite spring activities for kids, those involving nature and art are at the top of our list.  My boys love open ended art projects, and nature provides a beautiful palette for our creations.  These nature inspired art activities are sure to spark creativity and imagination in little ones and provides hours of outdoor entertainment.  

25 Art Activities with Nature

Mix up homemade watercolor paint from fresh flowers.

Liquid watercolors make gorgeous flower prints. ~ The Artful Parent

Take rock painting to a whole new level of cool with Spin Art Rocks. ~ Meri Cherry Blog

Mix oil pastels and flower petals for some gorgeous art.  ~ KC Edventures

Make leaf rubbings and watercolor art using leaves from your backyard.

Fall art for kids - making leaf rubbings with crayons and watercolors

Collect, weave, and create with this natural loom. ~ Babble Dabble Do

Extend the fun of a beach vacation by creating melted crayon art with seashells. ~ Fun at Home with Kids

For a unique sensory painting experience make textured paint with sand.  

Make homemade glitter using flower petals. ~ Teach Preschool

Flower Petal Glitter by Teach Preschool

If you still have snow, bring some indoors and make snow paint. ~ The Pleasantest Thing

Paint in the rain with this new paint recipe using rain as one of the two ingredients!

Simple two ingredient recipe for making scented rain paint - Kids will love watching this paint mix as the rain falls!

Create an indoor garden with a sticky flower wall. ~ Kids Play Box

Make fizzing apple prints on the sidewalk with homemade erupting sidewalk chalk paint.

Erupting apple prints!  A fizzing twist on a fall classic.

Paint the sky. ~ Happy Hooligans

Raid your spice rack and paint with seasonings and spices. ~ Learn with Play at Home

Turn leaves from your backyard into homemade paint brushes.

Homemade paint brushes using leaves and sticks - fall art for kids

Paint with herbs, a fun way to get kids in the garden. ~ Mama Miss

Go on a leaf hunt, then scan them and print on paper for scanned drawing prompts. ~ Picklebums

scanned drawing pages

Instead of marble painting, try rolling around a walnut with paint on it. ~ No Time for Flashcards

Get your kids together for a collaborative art project and paint a branch. ~ Art Bar

kids will love this format, especially if they find their own branch // great project for a group

In addition to painting rocks, you can paint with rocks. ~ Fantastic Fun and Learning

Paint with flowers collected on a nature hunt. ~ Housing a Forest

Painting with Flowers ~ Simple preschool art  activities

Make homemade bracelets from nature. ~ Inspiration Laboratories

Find beautiful scents and colors in nature to make homemade paint. ~ Nuture Store

lavender paint recipe

Make spring banners from leaf and flower poundings. ~ Buggy and Buddy

Use mud from the garden to make mud paint in a rainbow of colors.

Beautiful textured mud paint recipe.  Spring art kids will love!

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25 art crazy cool art projects for kids inspired by nature

More nature inspired activities for kid:

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