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January 21, 2012

Sand Painting

For a fun texture painting experience I added a little sand from our sandbox to some paint to create sand painting.  

Supplies:  (affiliate links provided)

I let JZ (4) and J-Bug (2) choose the colors they wanted to use for sand painting, and they mixed their own sand paint.  We didn't measure.  The above photo shows a good ratio of sand, paint and glue.  The glue helps the sand stick to the paper.

JZ was mesmerized by the sand texture.  He loved running his hands through the sand paint and spreading it on the paper.

J-Bug stuck his hand in the sand paint and yelled, "It's too yucky.  Get it off!"

His reaction really surprised me, because he usually loves sensory play and painting. I figured by combing the two he'd paint for a good hour or so and ask for more colors. Apparently the gritty texture sticking to him wasn't comfortable.

TIP: Baby powder gently removes sand, so you don't have to scrub which could scrape.  We always take baby powder to the park and beach!

Other sensory paint recipes:

For more ideas follow my DIY Paints and Doughs board on Pinterest.  

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  1. I've been wondering how to paint with sand...what a fun activity! Trying this out soon. Although, my little guy will probably ask me to wipe off his hands, too! He's in a phase right now where he always wants a napkin for every little drop or piece of dirt on his hands! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip about using baby powder I have just placed some in our beach bag for future use!


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