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January 19, 2012

Adventures in Shaving Cream

It all started during school time.  I put a can of shaving cream and a ziploc bag in one of JZ's activity drawers.    I had a few ideas in mind for it, but I also wanted to see where his imagination took him.  One of my thoughts was to squirt some into the bag then have him trace letters with his finger.  Well, he enjoyed squirting it into the bag so much that he emptied the entire can.  I didn't see any reason to stop him.  Shaving cream is a wonderful sensory experience, so the more the better, in my opinion.  Not to mention, pushing the top to squirt it out while aiming to ensure it all ended up in the bag encouraged developing motor skills.  ;-)  When he was done the bag was too full to trace anything, so we moved onto the next plan.

I scooped a little into a plastic container then gave him glue to add to it.  He mixed the glue with a popsicle stick then "painted" with it on paper.

Then he thought it was hilarious to pretend he was tasting it.

Finally the moment I was waiting for...He dug in with both hands.

To my surprise JM never showed interest in what JZ was doing even though he was only a few feet away.  (This is rare.)

Fast forward to the afternoon when the boys woke up from their naps.  There was still quite a bit of shaving cream left in the bag, and JZ asked to play with it some more.  It was time to make dinner, so I brought the supplies down to the little table where I could cook while still supervising.  I assumed he wanted to paint with it like before, so I brought the glue and paper down with me.  You can see how much stayed on the papers, LOL.

 This time JM (AKA Buzz) joined in the fun and loved it!

 JZ constantly makes explosion noises like everything is blowing up.

Yep, nice and contained on the 8.5 by 11 papers.  Glad I brought them down.  ;o)

KJ is thinking that he can't wait until he is big enough to play!

To end the evening, when the boys asked to take a bath I remembered something I had seen on Pinterest.  Shaving cream bath paint.  Stop by Having Fun at Home to read the post that inspired me.

Ours wasn't as thick, and I'm guessing it was because we used shaving cream that had been in a bag all day instead of fresh from the can.  Regardless of the consistency, it was a whole lot of fun.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! My 5 year old loves shaving cream in the bathtub, but my 2 year old won't touch it. We have those Buzz wings, and I was afraid my son might end up with the same "broken arm" as Buzz trying to fly to infinity and beyond!

    1. He was barely two before his first hospital visit. He broke his collar bone. =/

  2. Ahhhh, I just did a post about the bath paint idea. It saved me from stains in the bath tub from "bath crayons!" Don't you love it?! I told my readers to check out your post too ;)

    1. Thanks for the shout out Morgan! I appreciate it. Yes, whoever thought this one up is genius. SO much better than those crayons.


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