September 3, 2013

Homemade Paint Recipe {Apple Sidewalk Chalk Paint}

Fall Recipe for Play - Apple Printing Eruptions

We are back for day two of our fall play series!  Monday - PlaydoughTuesday - PaintWednesday - GlowingThursday - Scented Play, and Friday - Nature.  The theme for today is paint.  You know how much we love to paint!  We have a huge collection of homemade paint recipes and are always experimenting with different materials to make more.  Since this is a Fall Recipes for Play series, I wanted to take one of our favorite recipes and give it a fall twist.  One of our all time favorite paints is sidewalk chalk paint.  In addition to the standard recipe we've added scent to it and made it erupt while practicing the alphabet.  For this fall sidewalk chalk paint recipe I decided to combine all of our favorite elements, and I mixed up a batch of erupting apple sidewalk chalk paint!

Directions:  I combined roughly 1/4 cup of cornstarch with 1/4 cup of baking soda in each dish.  I added the colors, spice and glitter next.  I made one batch candy apple red (apple flavoring and red coloring), the second batch golden delicious yellow (gold glitter and yellow coloring), and the final batch apple cinnamon green (cinnamon and green coloring).  If you want a true red, I suggest using quite a bit of color.  As you can see in the photos below my red was pinkish.  The cornstarch and baking soda whiten the colors quite a bit.

Next I added the water.  I used approximately 1/2 cup of water per color.  Add water to the mixture slowly.  You want a consistency that is a little thinner than Oobleck.  If it is too thick it is hard to paint on the sidewalk.  If it is too thin it will be very runny.  Find a consistency somewhere in the middle.

I cut two apples in half, stuck a craft stick in each one to use as a handle and set up an invitation to make apple printing eruptions.

No one needed encouragement to dive into the fun.

In addition to apple printing I set out foam brushes for free painting.

JZ (6) enjoyed painting apples, and he couldn't get over how amazing the candy apple red smelled.

J-Bug (4) thought that dunking the apples into the paint was the coolest thing ever.  We have done apple printing before, and this fun twist was a huge hit.

Peanut (25 months) thought it most fun to just wave the foam brushes in the air, dripping paint all over.  One of the best things about sidewalk chalk paint is that it washes away easily with a hose.  The kids can make a huge mess without any concern.  It also washes easily out of clothing.  Here are my best laundry tips for keeping our clothes stain free.

I also set out an apple cookie cutter to make cookie cutter prints with sidewalk chalk paint.  The cookie cutter is probably actually a pumpkin, but it worked.

Once our driveway was sufficiently covered in apple prints, splatters, and designs, I pulled out the squeezy bottles.  The bottles were full of vinegar to make apple eruptions!

The apple prints looked so cool fizzing!  I couldn't help but squirt out a bunch myself.

JZ was ecstatic watching his apple painting erupt.

For more ideas follow my Recipes for Play board on Pinterest.

Be sure and visit these other fantastic sites to see their paint recipes, and come back each day this week for more fall recipes for play!

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  1. Another great idea, Allison! I love it!

  2. Did this stain your sidewalk? I'm wanting to try this at preschool but don't want to leave a colorful "mess".

    1. We didn't have any staining issues. I did wash the sidewalk immediately after playing. I've never had sidewalk chalk paint stain. If you are concerned I recommend using liquid watercolors since they are washable.

  3. Can this be made ahead of time and stored or does it have to be made the day of?

    1. It must be made shortly before use. It mixes really quickly, so it's easy to prep just before painting.

  4. oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun, and I love how you made the paints.

    Thanks for joining our challenge!


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