September 4, 2013

Glowing Magic Milk Experiment

Recipes for Play - Glowing Magic Milk

GLOWING magic milk experiment - cool science for kid!

It's day three of our Fall Recipes for Play series, and we are having the best time!   Monday - PlaydoughTuesday - PaintWednesday - GlowingThursday - Scented Play, and Friday - Nature.  Today we are sharing a cool, GLOWING experiment for kids.  We love GLOWING play, and as the days get shorter in the fall we are ready for GLOWING fun at night.  While brainstorming for our GLOWING theme I remembered a favorite science experiment for kids.  "Magic" milk is an experiment sure to delight children of all ages.  My boys love the traditional experiment, so I knew they would be impressed with GLOWING magic milk.

GLOWING magic milk experiment - cool science for kids with an added sensory element they will love.

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Directions:  Fill a container with just enough milk to cover the bottom.  We used a pie pan.  Fill the squeezy bottles with fluorescent watercolors or with watered down florescent paint.  The traditional experiment is done with food coloring, so you want that consistency.  Instruct kids to squirt paint around the perimeter of the pan.  Dab a q-tip in dish soap and touch the center of the pan with the q-tip.

The colors immediately jump away from the q-tip.

For a short while the colors almost disappear, then they slowly creep back to the center of the pan.  It is so cool to watch!  Sometimes we add a bunch of color to milk and stick soap covered q-tips all over, watching the paint jump away.  Here is the science behind the magic milk experiment.

After our experiment JZ (6) asked to squirt all of the paint into the milk.  Everything is more fun with squeezy bottles!

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  1. Can you use something besides milk? My son is allergic to milk.

    1. I have not personally tried it, but I heard that almond milk works. :)

  2. Do you think highlighters broken open would work instead of the fluorescent paint?


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