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August 29, 2013

Fall Finger Paint Recipe

Simple to make homemade finger paint recipe for fall.

Simple no cook homemade fall scented finger paints!  These take about two minutes to prep and smell amazing.  They dry glossy and gorgeous and are fun for all ages.

Fall Scented Finger Paint - Recipe for Play

I love creating new recipes for homemade paint including our favorite finger paint recipe, but sometimes simple and quick is the best.  These two ingredient baby and toddler safe paints could not be any easier to mix also make a great finger painting recipe.  For that reason I keep a can of condensed milk in my pantry at all times, so I have a fast and fun recipe for play ready to whip out when my boys are looking for something to do.  With fall rapidly approaching, we have been having fun adding fall scents to all of our favorite art recipes and creating new ones like our fall sticky paints.  

Homemade fall scented finger paints you can prepare in just two minutes!  These smell amazing and are so much fun for fall.  Omit the glitter, and they are baby and toddler safe.

How to Edible Paint with Two Ingredients

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Invitation to paint with kitchen scrubbers using this simple and gorgeous fall scented recipe for homemade paint.

Directions:  I divided the milk into three shallow containers.  I mixed in the food coloring, spices/flavoring, and glitter with a spoon.  Liquid watercolors or powdered tempura paint may be substituted.  If you use food coloring and omit the glitter this paint is baby and toddler friendly.  My twins are 25 months and past the stage where they taste everything.  The glitter gives added sparkle and texture.  The scents are flavoring are optional and add to the fall fun.  We had orange pumpkin spice, green candy apple and cinnamon red, three of my favorite scents.

Painting with kitchen scrubbers for added sensory play.

I set up an invitation to paint with fingers and kitchen scrubbers.  The scrubbers are fun for mark making and change up the way we paint.  We paint every single day, so it's fun to experiment with new tools and techniques.

The scrubbers are also fun to touch and squish.

They make really cool swirls, and the more we scrubbed the more the fall aroma filled the air.  The glitter really made our finger paint shimmer!  Even without the glitter this paint dries glossy and gorgeous.

Of course it looks gorgeous when we painted with our fingers too!

As usual, Peanut painted the longest and kept coming back for more.  I love warm days when I can leave the paints set out at the table, so the boys can come and go as they please.

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  1. This a great way to save money on buying paint.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love unusual objects for painting! It really adds interest doesn't it?


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