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March 27, 2014

Rain Paint Homemade Watercolor Recipe

Painting in the Rain - Homemade Paint Recipe

Painting with rain - scented homemade paint recipe made from just two ingredients, and one of them is rain!

Living in San Diego we barely get a winter.  I'm not complaining, because I prefer warm weather.  We do, however, really need rain.  I got so excited this week when the weather app on my phone predicted rain.  Immediately I planned a ton of activities that can only be done in the rain.  We love homemade paint recipes, so my first project was making rain paint.  Painting in the rain is an activity all children should get to try at least once, and instead of grabbing watercolors and heading out in the rain I wanted to actually make paint with rain.

Simple two ingredient recipe for making scented rain paint - Kids will love watching this paint mix as the rain falls!

How to Rain Paint

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How to make rain paint

Directions:  This homemade paint recipe is one of the easiest recipes ever!  All I did was empty Kool Aid packets into oil baby food jars, then I set the jars out in our backyard and waited for the rain.  Unfortunately, our rain comes in tiny sprinkles, so this was a slow process.  It was a good exercise in patience for the boys.  (And maybe for me, too...)  We've made Kool Aid watercolors before, and making it with rain made this paint recipe so cool!

Making rain paint - A homemade paint recipe with a lesson in patience

Once it rained enough to fill the jars I gave each paint mixture a good stir with the paint brushes then invited my boys to paint.

Painting in the rain - Homemade paint recipe using RAIN as one of the ingredients!

First JZ (6) wanted to smell each paint and guess the flavor.

Scented rain paint recipe

I chose watercolor paper for this project since I anticipated it being very wet.  Regular paper can be used, although I recommend sticking with a heavier paper to avoid tearing.

JZ abandoned the paint brushes and went for a new method of painting.  He loved scooping up some of our rain paint and letting it drip between his fingers onto the paper.

Painting with rain - Homemade watercolor paint recipe made as the rain falls

J-Bug (4) used paint brushes to show off the beautiful homemade watercolor rain paint.  As always with watercolor, the blended colors were gorgeous.

Homemade watercolors - rain paint recipe

On a new paper he took paintbrushes and flicked them around, watching the paint splatter.

Painting in the rain - a favorite activity for spring!

When I planned this art project I envisioned us painting with our rain paint while it was actually raining.  Since we only got short sprinkles, that didn't become a reality.  Maybe another day!  These homemade watercolors are so easy to make, and they smell incredible.  As long as we get more rain we will definitely be making these again.

Rain paint recipe

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Rain painting with kids with this simple, two ingredient, scented paint recipe made with rain.

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  1. Is this paint sticky sweet? What happens when it dries?

    1. It dries just like watercolor paint, and it smells good.


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