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March 24, 2014

Gross Motor Flower Color Hop

Spring Activities for Kids ~ Gross Motor Activity

Gross motor color recognition game for spring - learn through play with this simple game

We're back with more spring activities for kids, a month long series with Jaime of FSPDT.  Last week we made color surprise playdough, and the week before we made shared this recipe for mud paint.  The theme for today is gross motor.  Last year around this time I set up a simple color hop for toddlers, an active game to work on color recognition.  My twins weren't even two then, so I kept it very basic and simple and, of course, fun!  This year I set up a flower hop, and oh we had a blast.

Gross motor color recognition game - an active way to learn colors

How to Set Up a Gross Motor Color Hop with Flowers

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You could also use sidewalk chalk paint.  We love this basic chalk paint recipe, with added scent, or even erupting sidewalk chalk paint.  I drew flowers in several different colors on our driveway.  I purposefully added four of each color since I have four kids.  I called out a color, and the boys hopped on a flower in the selected color.

Gross motor color recognition game

Before long JZ (6) and J-Bug (4) started making up their own rules. When one of them yelled "bonus!" they had to jump on all of the colors as fast as they could. They played their own version, which I was slightly less fond of, where not only did they hop on a color, but they tried to block each other from getting one of the flowers in the selected color.

Gross motor color recognition game

My favorite spin that they put on our flower color hop was to call out several colors and hop on all of them in order.  Tank and Peanut (35 months) didn't really keep up with this version, but the older two boys had the best time with this game!  It was the perfect gross motor activity to accompany our homeschool day.

Gross motor color recognition game

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Gross motor color recognition game

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  1. Looks like tons of fun! Love the game they made up too:)


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