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August 16, 2014

Leaf Rubbings and Watercolor Art

J-Bug has been enjoying all the leaf activities we've been doing for his kindergarten leaf study, and these leaf rubbings were a family favorite.

How to make watercolor leaf rubbings - fall art for kids

Kindergarten Leaf Unit Study

Our leaf activities are a part of My Father's World Kindergarten.  So far we have painted with leaves, made a playdough learning tray with leaves and rocks, did a science experiment to see how a leaf gets water, and made our favorite recipe for kale chips.  As always, the science and art related activities are at the top of J-Bug's list.

Collecting leaves for art activities

The first thing we did was go outside to collect leaves.  J-Bug chose leaves from different trees and bushes, selecting leaves of varying shapes and sizes.

Invitation to make leaf rubbings

How to Make Leaf Rubbings with Crayons and Watercolors

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Making leaf rubbings

Directions:  After collecting leaves we brought them inside and made rubbings using crayons.  To make leaf rubbings put the leaf under a piece of paper and hold it in place securely then rub a crayon over the leaf.  We experimented with all sorts of leaves, but the best ones are those with thick veins.  Dried leaves will not work since they will fall apart when crunched.

How to make leaf rubbings - simple art for kids

All of the boys enjoyed making leaf rubbings, and I even made a few.  Sometimes I wonder if I secretly set up these art activities just so I can join in the fun.

Making leaf rubbings with leaves collected on a nature walk.

After all of our leaf rubbings were done I pulled out the watercolors.  J-Bug used a pipette to add water to the colors.  We prefer this method of painting with watercolors since getting enough water in the paint using the paint brush can be a bit frustrating for young children.

Simple trick for making watercolors easier for kids to use

We painted right over our leaf rubbings.  I encouraged the boys to try a variety of color combos.  They used the same color in different shapes, complimentary colors, contrasting colors, and colors that mix to form new colors.  Of course the crayon marks didn't mix with the watercolors, so the crayon prints showed through the watercolor paint.

Watercolor art on leaf rubbings

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Fall art for kids - making leaf rubbings with crayons and watercolors

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  1. I love the way you combined water colors with leaf rubbing. Very pretty!


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