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August 15, 2014

Frozen Erupting Snowballs

Frozen Inspired Sensory Play with Baking Soda Dough

We've been playing with our Frozen baking soda dough for several days, and it's still going strong.  This morning I decided to turn them into Frozen erupting snowballs to extend the Frozen imaginative play.

How to make FROZEN snowballs that ERUPT and fizz!

We made the Frozen erupting snowballs exactly the same way we made our erupting moon rocks.  I stored the baking soda dough in an under the bed container with the lid on tight when not in use.  This dough recipe will last for months if stored properly, although we almost always end up making ours erupt.  It's just too much fun.

Frozen baking soda dough play recipe for all the FROZEN fans out there.

How to Make Frozen Erupting Snowballs

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Frozen snowballs - check out what happens to them during play time!

Directions:  I pulled out our bin of Frozen baking soda dough, and we formed balls, adding small amounts of water to make the dough hold its shape.  We added the water slowly to avoid dissolving the baking soda.  As each ball was formed I set it on a cookie sheet.  Tank and Peanut (3) did their best to help.  I have to say, I have no idea what that kitchen tool is pictured below, but the boys sure had fun using it to form Frozen snowballs!

Making FROZEN snowballs for imaginative play.

After forming all of the baking soda dough into balls I popped the cookie sheet full of snowballs into the freezer.  When we made our erupting moon rocks I left them out to air dry and harden.  Since I wanted these to be like snowballs I froze them to harden them and make them cold.

Erupting FROZEN snowballs - how to make them for sensory and imaginative play.

When Tank and Peanut woke up from their naps I pulled our Frozen snowballs out of the freezer and filled up squeezy bottles with vinegar.

Exploring temperatures and textures with FROZEN inspired snoballs.

Before showing the boys the vinegar I let them play freely for awhile.  The boys noted the temperature and texture of the snowballs.  Tank didn't really like touching them for long since they were so cold.  Peanut, on the other hand, couldn't stop.  He especially loved stacking the snowballs to see how high he could build.  His record was three.

Building a snowman with FROZEN snowballs.  An erupting play recipe for all the FROZEN fans out there!

Both boys eagerly reached for the bottles of vinegar when I pulled them out, and they immediately started squirting the Frozen snowballs.

How to make erupting FROZEN snowballs.

The amazing part about our play time was that the baking soda dough was still intact and usable even after the eruptions.  It was much wetter than before but still moldable and fun.  All four boys played with the dough for about an hour after our erupting fun.  I left it in our sensory bin and am curious to see how long it will last.

Making FROZEN snowballs erupt with this simple to make play recipe

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Amazing Frozen inspired play recipe, make ERUPTING snowballs for fizzy imaginative fun!

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  1. Great Idea! I will be doing this with my recreational pre k class--Thanks a bunch for sharing.


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