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June 18, 2014

Erupting Sand Foam Dough

Sand Foam Dough Eruptions - Recipe for Play

Erupting sand foam dough recipe for play

Did you happen to see our erupting candy corn foam dough last fall?  It is one of my very favorite recipes for play that we have created.  Why?  It is so simple, and it erupts.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  I think all play recipes should end in erupting fun.  Wouldn't you agree?

How to make sand foam dough, a dough recipe that fizzles, pops, bubbles, and foams like you wouldn't believe!

How to Make Erupting Sand Foam Dough

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Directions:  I mixed about 1.5 cups of cornstarch with 1.5 cups of baking soda and squirted in a hefty amount of shaving cream.  As you will see towards the bottom of this post, our mixture became more crumbly than it should have.  Next time I will add an entire can of shaving cream.  JZ (6) saw what I was doing and asked if he could be the one to mix up the foam dough.

I poured craft sand into small containers.  I covered the bottom of each container, added some foam dough, poured in more sand, filled the containers to the top with foam dough, and then sprinkled the top of each mound of dough with sand.  I invited the boys to join me outside with the sand foam dough. 

The very first thing they both did was touch each color of the sand foam dough.  I think they wanted to mix the colors.

How to make sand foam dough - a recipe for play in beautiful colors and fun textures

Before long they asked for a sensory bin to pour all of the foam dough into, so they could combine all of the colors.

One thing that makes this colorful dough recipe unique is that the sand doesn't blend into each other.  The colors maintain their own tones for a long time until the dough has been played with an mixed for quite awhile.

Erupting sand foam dough recipe for play

As I mentioned above, I should have used more shaving cream.  This foam dough is much more crumbly than it should be.  I considered adding more shaving cream at this point, but since the boys were loving the sensory play as is I didn't see any reason to change it up.

How to make sand foam dough

Peanut discovered that he could form balls of dough and squish them.

Sand foam dough recipe for play - wait until you see what we did with it!

When I sensed that they were slowing down with their play I pulled out the squeezy bottles full of vinegar.

Making foam dough eruptions - a foamy, erupting, recipe for PLAY!

I love how foamy the eruptions were!

Foamy, bubbly eruptions with foam dough!

The boys did too!

Bubbling foam dough sensory play - three ways to play with this erupting dough!

The foam turned this into a whole new recipe for play.  Please note that while this mixture is safe to touch, it is important to keep away from the eyes.  That probably goes without saying, but I thought I'd mention it to be safe.

Foam dough sensory play

I love when inexpensive household ingredients fill our morning with amazing sensory play.

A foamy dough recipe for play - sand foam dough eruptions

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How to make beautiful, textured, colorful foam dough that ERUPTS.

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  1. What a clever idea. My boys love baking soda and vinegar play and the idea of being able to build something and then make it explode will be an even bigger hit.

  2. looking forward to trying this

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