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August 13, 2014

Frozen Baking Soda Dough

Frozen Inspired Sensory Play with Baking Soda Dough

Two ingredient frozen dough recipe for sensory and imaginative play

My boys have been having a blast with the Frozen inspired sensory activities lately.  After making our Frozen shaving cream I immediately wanted to freeze another favorite recipe for play.  Baking soda dough only calls for two ingredients, and it takes minutes to prepare.  To go along with our Frozen theme I made some baking soda dough and popped it in the freezer overnight for a chilly senosry activity for summer.

How to Make Frozen Baking Soda Dough

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Directions:  To make baking soda dough mix a small amount of water into baking soda until a dough is formed.  Work slowly, adding a tablespoon or so at a time.  Too much water will dissolve the baking soda.  You want just enough water to make the baking soda stick to itself.  Add color until you achieve the desired shade, and add copious amounts of glitter.  Since our baking soda dough was Frozen inspired, I wanted a variety of blues, purples, silvers, and white.  Once all the baking soda dough was prepped I stuck the containers in the freezer and left them overnight.

How to make FROZEN baking soda dough for sensory and imaginative play

I pulled the frozen baking soda dough out of the freezer while cleaning up after breakfast to give the dough enough time to soften up enough to come out of the containers easily.  I covered the bottom of the sensory bin with white baking soda dough then stacked the different colors and shapes and invited the boys outside for some Frozen inspired sensory play.

Chilly imaginative play with FROZEN baking soda dough

We observed that some of the dough was cold, and some was room temperature.  The frozen dough was solid, and the white dough at the bottom of the bin was soft and crumbly.

Frozen dough recipe

JZ (7) build snow castle after snow castle, and his three year old brothers knocked them down each time.

Building castles with FROZEN baking soda dough - a two ingredient chilly recipe for PLAY

Peanut (3) loved squishing the dough between his fingers.  As the frozen dough melted the colors blended together beautifully. 

J-Bug (5) made snowballs and smashed them as fast as he rolled them.

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Imaginative play with this chilly Frozen inspired dough recipe.  Do you want to build a snowman?

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  1. I made this same dough, formed into mini volcanoes, and then froze. Gave to the kids with droppers and vinegar. It was a ton of fun!

    You could put out vinegar/droppers when they get tired of the regular dough, add another element for more fun.

  2. Looks fun! What about cleanup? Do you wash it drown the drain because it dissolves with water, or throw it away?

    1. We actually formed it into balls and then used vinegar to make the balls fizz, and then I rinsed it all in the sink.

  3. FYI - I tried using Glitter Gel food coloring and it barely colored the snow. I tried to make another batch, mixing the food coloring in with the water, then adding the water to the baking soda, and it turned the purple coloring mixture to a more reddish color when I mixed it. SO! I think I'll go out and get the actual food coloring bottles instead of the gel and see if that makes a difference. Either way, I need more food coloring! Aside from that snafu, my kids are going to love it when they wake up from nap time.


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