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June 12, 2014

Erupting Watermelons

Vinegar Free Erupting Watermelons - Summer Fun Recipe for Play

Summer fun with watermelons - vinegar free watermelon eruptions.  These are so simple and pure awesomeness!

It's no secret that we love making eruptions, and we are partial to vinegar free eruptions.  Don't get me wrong, we use vinegar on a regular basis, but the smell of our vinegar free eruptions really can't be beat.  These summer fun watermelon eruptions smelled incredible.  I highly suggest having a big bowl of watermelon to gobble up after making this recipe for play, because the craving won't quit until you satisfy it.

How to Make Vinegar Free Watermelon Eruptions

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To make our erupting watermelons I scooped out the fruit and put it in a bowl to eat at a later time, then I filled up the empty watermelons with baking soda.  I used a large amount, so we could make the watermelons erupt again and again.  I also added about a teaspoon of dish soap for an even foamier reaction.  This step is optional.

I filled up squeezy bottles with water and watermelon Kool Aid.  One packet filled up four 4oz. bottles.

I gave the Kool Aid filled squeezy bottles to J-Bug (5) and Tank (35 months), and they immediately squeezed the liquid into the watermelon bowls and watched the reaction.

How to make vinegar free watermelon eruptions - summer fun science for kids!

Making baking soda and Kool Aid reactions is always fun, but a large part of the reason I set up these play times is to boost fine motor skills.  Squeezy bottles are a wonderful tool for building the muscles needed for handwriting, and they are so stinking fun.  Kids don't realize they are doing "work".

Boost fine motor skill through play with these erupting watermelons

The awesome thing about using so much baking soda was that the watermelon eruptions got bigger and foamier the more the boys added the Kool Aid and water mixture.

Erupting watermelons - no vinegar needed for this summer fun recipe for play!

Every time the watermelon foam started to fizz out, they simply started spraying again.

Have you ever made a watermelon erupt?  This simple - vinegar free - recipe will dazzle kids of all ages!

Once the first batch of eruptions died down, the boys were thrilled to move onto the other half of the watermelon.

After emptying their squeezy bottles, J-Bug and Tank dug into the watermelon foam.

Foamy sensory play with erupting watermelons

Well, J-Bug inspected it gingerly.  Tank literally dug into the bubbling mixture.

Foamy watermelon scented eruptions - summer fun science for kids!

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How to make a vinegar free watermelon eruptions - simple summer fun for kids!

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  1. I wonder how this would work with squirt guns?

  2. Thank you 4 such good ideas I can use with my autistic grandson this summer. He loves what he calls experiments but he has to choose the ingredients (no option bit 1 sided). Of course they don't work and he uses up a lot of my pantry staples ie coffee, dis detergent etc. I am sure if I tell him about these he might let me choose the ingredients and he won't be sorry after by the looks of these. Thanks again

  3. what can you use instead of the watermelon kool aid? Many thanks amelia.


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