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August 5, 2014

Playdough Activities with Leaves

Kindergarten Leaf Unit Study

Playdough learning tray with rocks and leaves.  Open ended play based learning for preschool and kindergarten.

For every unit of My Father's World Kindergarten I set up a letter review sensory activity for J-Bug.  Playdough tends to be our go to sensory material for these activities since it is so versatile and easy to adapt.  For this leaf playdough tray I used the green playdough from our color surprise playdough.

How to Set Up a Playdough Learning Tray with Leaves

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I kept the learning tray simple with only a few accessories.  Since the kindergarten theme this week is leaves I also reached for some rocks since they kept in line with the natural theme.

Learning with playdough and natural elements

We did several activities with the learning tray.  Some of the play was open ended and led by J-Bug.  Some of it was directed by me. 

He pressed the leaves into the playdough and pulled them off to see the prints left from the leaves.

Making leaf prints in playdough

J-Bug made letters out of the leaves in the playdough.

Making letters out of leaves with playdough - play based fall activities for preschool and kindergarten

He also made letters with the rocks.  All of these activities are great for boosting fine motor skills.

Making letters with rocks and playdough

Then he made letters out of the playdough and pressed rocks into the letters.

Making letters with playdough and rocks

I made numbers out of playdough and had him count out that many rocks.

Math activities with playdough and rocks

I demonstrated how to make tally marks for counting by fives.

Playful maths with playdough and rocks

As I mentioned before, there was also quite a bit of free, open ended play.

He continued to make letters and press both leaves and rocks into the playdough.

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Learning letters with playdough and leaves

More hands on leaf activities for kindergarten:

Simple science for kids - how does a leaf get water?  How to make homemade paint brushes using leaves and sticks - art with nature!


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