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August 6, 2014

What Dissolves in water?

Water Science for Kids - What Dissolves?

Set up a simple science experiment for kids to learn about what dissolves in water and what doesn't.

Last spring we focused on hands on water science for kids, and I found a few that I photographed but never shared.  A simple favorite was learning what dissolves in water.  The set up for this is minimal, and the experiment is easy enough for all ages.

Simple water science for kids - what dissolves in water and what doesn't?

How to Demonstrate What Dissolves in Water

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What dissolves in water?  Simple water science for kids

I set out jars of water.  I used empty baby food jars, but any container will work.

Simple water science for kids - what dissolves in water?

I set out all the elements and a couple of spoons for mixing.

Simple water science for kids - what dissolves in water?

The boys took turns adding the different elements to the jars of water and stirring them to see what dissolved.

What dissolves in water?

Out of everything I included for this water experiment only the olive oil didn't dissolve.  It mixed with the water when the boys used a spoon, but then it separated when it was left alone and still.  I chose all the items from our pantry this time, but next time I set up the experiment I think it would be fun to let the boys pick out various food items.

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