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June 16, 2014

Learning about Water Pressure

Water Science for Kids - Water Pressure

Trick your kids with this water pressure demonstration - hands on water science for kids that with little to no set up required!

We're back with more hands on water science for kids.  Today I am sharing our recent water pressure demonstration.  This one is tricky, and JZ (6) was surprised to see what happened.


How to Set Up a Water Pressure Demonstration

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Directions:  I had JZ turn over the empty yogurt container and poke holes into the bottom using a push pin.  Then he turned the container right side up and immersed it in the water.  When the container was full of water he pushed the lid on and sealed it tight.

JZ pulled the dish out of the water, fully expecting the water to drip out of the holes on the bottom of the container.  He started giggling thinking it was a trick.

Water pressure science for kids - How come water isn't dripping out of the holes on the bottom of this container?

I gave him a pen to poke a hole in the top of the yogurt container.

Immediately water began to drip out of the bottom.  I explained to JZ that the water couldn't come out of the bottom at first, because air was pressing up, pushing the water away from the holes.  Once he poked a hole in the lid the air had somewhere to go, and the water could fall through the holes.

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Learn about water pressure with this simple hands on demo.  Kids will be shocked when the water doesn't come out the first time around!  See the trick to get the water flowing.


  1. Pinning this for future reference. I know it will be and experiment my boys will enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a great experiment to explain water pressure! Thanks for sharing with After School Link Up!


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