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June 15, 2014

Erupting Paint Recipes

Erupting Art for Kids 

12 super fun paint recipes that pop and fizz, creating beautiful art eruptions

Who doesn't love a good eruption?  No matter how many times we do the old baking soda and vinegar trick my boys are mesmerized and beg to make it happen again and again.  We especially enjoy combining these eruptions with another one of our favorite hobbies, art.  Activities that combine art and science are always a a huge hit around here, and we are especially fond of erupting paint recipes.

12 Erupting Paint Recipes

Fizzing Sidewalk Chalk Paint from Kids Activities Blog

Erupting tempura paint - cool science for kids

Erupting art for kids - Art and science come together in this fun a beautiful experiment!

Fizzing Watercolors from Fun at Home with Kids

Easy recipe for rainbow sidewalk chalk paint - bonus:  it erupts!

Scented Fizzy Paints from Blog Me Mom

Gorgeous erupting watercolor paint - science and art combined!

Bubbling Glitter Paint from Mess for Less

Erupting ice chalk paint - the COOLEST summer recipe for play

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12 genius paint recipes that pop and fizz, creating beautiful art eruptions kids will love!

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