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June 20, 2014

Water Science for Kids

Top 10 Ways to Learn with Water

The top 10 water science activities for kids - hands on summer fun science!

Last summer I shared the Top 10 Ways to Learn with Sidewalk Chalk as part of the School's Out series put on by kid bloggers around the world.  This year I am taking part in the 2nd Annual School's Out series, and I am excited to be sharing the Top 10 Ways to Learn with Water!  A large part of JZ's first grade science lessons centered around learning about water, and I put together our favorite ten water science activities for kids.

10 Water Science Activities for Kids

1.  Did you know you could make a needle float?  We discovered a simple method to make a needle rest on top of water's "skin" as well as what made it immediately sink.

Did you know you can make a needle float on water?  Amaze your kids with this simple trick!

2.  JZ thought that keeping a tissue dry in water was a cool magic trick.  Even better, he learned how the tissue stays dry and how to quickly get it wet.

Cool water science for kids - keeping a tissue dry under water!

3.  Using rain and one other ingredient we made rain paint that smelled incredible.  This was the perfect way to play on a rainy day.

Simple two ingredient recipe for making scented rain paint - Kids will love watching this paint mix as the rain falls!

4.  JZ learned about water power with this homemade water fountain.

Learning about water pressure with a hands on demo

5.  While learning about water's "skin" and what makes it stretch, we made colored bubbles.  Science, sensory play, and summer fun were combined in this simple activity!

How to make colored bubbles - these are so much fun!

6.  Does salt water evaporate?  Find out!

7.  Combine sensory play and science by color mixing with ice.  Beat the heat while learning about color theory.

Hands on color theory demonstration for kids with colored ice

8.  Have you played sink or float?  We made a game of sink or float with a twist to extend the learning and spark creativity.

Sink or float with a twist - combining an object that sinks with one that floats to see what happens

9.  My boys were blown away by how far water sat above the opening of the jar in this surface tension activity.

Exploring surface tension - simple water science for kids

10.  Last summer we learned about thunderstorms by making convection currents.

Making convection currents - hands on weather science for kids

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10 hands on water science activities for kids - fun ways to learn with water this summer!

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