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April 1, 2014

Colored Bubbles Recipe for Play

Making Colored Bubbles - Water Science for Kids

How to color bubbles - what a simple way to this favorite past time even better!

We've been having so much fun exploring surface tension with some simple water experiments for kids.  While making a needle float (which was the coolest experiment ever) we learned how dish soap makes water stretchy.  To extend the science lesson with a fun recipe for play I set up an invitation to make colored bubbles.

Invitation to make colored bubbles

How to Make Colored Bubbles

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How to make colored bubbles - these are so much fun!

Directions:  Making colored bubbles is so inexpensive and simple.  I filled the jars (recycled baby food jars) with a small amount of dish soap.  Each of my boys chose a color to add to the jars and squeezed in several drops.

JZ (6) filled the jars about halfway with water.  We have these pour it yourself containers and love them.

We gave each of the colors a good stir with the homemade wire wands, and then the colored bubble blowing was ready to commence.  I made the bubble wands by twisting a few pieces of craft wire in the desired shape and size, being sure to fold any sharp points.

All my boys love bubbles.  They don't care if it's regular bubbles, a bubble machine, super giant bubbles, bubble guns, Kool Aid bubbles or just a simple container of water and dish soap.  They love blowing bubbles.  These colored bubbles tickled them to no end.  The color is translucent, of course, but it is definitely there.

How to make colored bubbles - Kids will love spotting all the different colors!

Tank (35 months) decided all the colors needed to be deeper, so he basically emptied all our food color into the homemade bubble solution.  Oh well, that's why we buy it at Dollar Tree!

Blowing bubbles is a great activity for concentration and focus, building motor skills, hand eye coordination and much more.  It's such a wonderfully entertaining and inexpensive activity for kids of all ages, and making colored bubbles really kicked this favorite past time up a notch.  While blowing bubbles JZ and I talked about how the dish soap made the water stretch, and that is how we made our bubbles.

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Making colored bubbles

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