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March 31, 2014

Rainbow Ice

Spring Activities for Kids ~ Rainbow Ice Sensory Play

How to make rainbow ice for sensory play

We're back for the final post in our spring activities for kids series with Jaime of FSPDT.  Last week we shared our flower hop, a gross motor game to work on color recognition.  Other posts in the series include making color surprise playdough and painting with mud.  The theme for today is sensory play.  We've made colored ice many times before, and since it's spring and we have rainbows on the mind I made a big sensory bin full of rainbow ice!

Rainbow ice sensory bin

How to Color Ice for Sensory Play

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Colored ice for sensory play

Directions:  I love the perfect cube ice cube trays, because they are perfect for building with ice cubes.  I add the color first, because it spreads evenly throughout the water this way.  I prefer liquid watercolors, but food coloring works as well.  When my boys were younger I stuck with food coloring  to add color to ice since there was often a lot of ice tasting.  I used a good 20-30 drops of color to get deep colors.  I made one color at a time and stored each color in a separate ziploc bag until all six colors were frozen and ready for sensory play.

Toddler play with colored ice

Peanut (35 months) spent most of the morning lifting up a block of ice and throwing it with force back into the bin.

He also built a few ice towers, mainly so he could knock them over.

Building ice cube towers with rainbow ice

JZ (6) asked to add some water to the rainbow ice bin once everyone was done playing.  

The boys noted the murky brown color that resulted in the combination of all the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow ice sensory play

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Sensory play with rainbow ice

Be sure to pop over to FSPDT and see their rainbow clean mud recipe!

More ways to play with colored ice:



  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun playing! My boys can't wait for ice and water play again. Hoping the weather let's us do that this week:)

  2. Thanks so much for these pages! Our 5 yr old grandson has Autism and these ideas are a lot cheaper than purchasing expensive toys meant for Autistic kids :)


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