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June 26, 2013

Kool Aid Ice

Summer Fun with Kool Aid Ice

Summer fun sensory play with Kool Aid ice

We had so much fun at our Kool Aid play date that we've been experimenting with adding Kool Aid to different sensory mediums.  I have never been a fan of drinking Kool Aid, but the scents are truly amazing.  Kool Aid has added another element to our sensory play, stimulating the sense of smell and extending our play.  After our Kool Aid play date I was inspired to mix Kool Aid with water and freeze for some fun in the sun.  Then June gloom hit hard, as it usually does in San Diego.  My husband asked me the other day if he could throw out the ice cubes to make room in the freezer.  Yikes!  Thankfully he held out, so we could enjoy this summer fun sensory play on a hot day.

The prep and set up took less than ten minutes, and the play lasted for over an hour.  Sometimes the most simple ideas make for the best summer fun.

How to Kool Aid Ice

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Dump the contents of one packet of Kool Aid into water and mix.  I used a glass measuring bowl, so I could easily  pour the Kool Aid water into the ice cube trays.  With the Fourth of July approaching I thought it would be fun to make red, white and blue Kool Aid ice, so I chose cherry, lemon and berry blue.  The "white" ice cubes were actually slightly yellow, but lemon Kool Aid doesn't give off a vibrant yellow color.  I stored each individual color in a ziploc freezer bag until we finally had a day warm enough for ice play.

I filled up a large bowl with warm water and set out a few empty containers for scooping, pouring and dumping.

Ice and water play is really one of the most simple ways to have fun in the sun with sensory play that keeps you cool.

Summer fun with Kool Aid ice

The boys loved watching the individual colors melt into the water and the purplish red that remained when the colors melted together.

The scooped and poured, transferring the Kool Aid ice until every last ice cube had melted.

I have to share that I find it highly ironic that my four and six year olds tasted the Kool Aid ice.  My toddler twins were more interested in playing with it.

JZ (6) challenged himself to guess each flavor.

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Kool Aid ice sensory play

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  1. Summertime is the perfect time to play with ice! It looks like your children had a blast.

  2. featuring you this week on the kids co-op! http://www.frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail.com/2013/07/10-want-to-try-with-kids-activities.html

  3. Saw the pin on Pinterest. What a great idea. The children will love it. We have played with colored ice before, but adding the scent will be something different.
    Thanks for sharing.


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