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March 14, 2014

Plastic Easter Egg Prints

Painting with Plastic Easter Eggs

Painting with plastic Easter eggs - simple art for kids

As you know we love to paint and experiment with print making.  Our circle printing was a big hit, so when I pulled down our stash of plastic Easter eggs the other day my first thought was that it would be fun to do some print making with Easter eggs.  I love simple art activities for kids!

Making prints with plastic Easter eggs - fine motor art for kids

How to Make Prints with Plastic Easter Eggs

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Easter art for kids - print making with plastic Easter eggs

The set up for this art activity could not have been more simple.  I filled up a muffin tin with paint in spring colors and put the tops of plastic Easter eggs in the paint.  I brought out some white cardstock, and invited my boys to make prints.

Simple toddler art activity - print making with plastic Easter eggs

JZ (6) and Peanut (32 months) were the first to paint.  JZ quickly covered his paper in orange egg shapes then realized he could smear the designs by moving around his plastic egg.

Tank and Peanut (32 months) were both fascinated at the prints left by the eggs.  I loved watching their expressions each time they pressed a paint covered egg against the paper then lifted it and saw the resulting print.  This egg painting activity doubles as an exercise to build fine motor skills.  I made some egg prints myself, and let me tell you, gripping that plastic egg between my fingers took serious effort!

Fine motor art for kids - print making with plastic Easter eggs

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Painting with plastic Easter eggs - a fun and frugal way to explore print making.  Bonus:  it builds fine motor skills!

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  1. If your eggs have those two little holes in the top, you can use thread to tie on something to use as a handle of sorts--a big button, a stringing bead, etc. Love this printing idea!


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