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March 28, 2012

Glowing Easter Egg Hunt in the Tub

I put submersible LED lights in plastic Easter eggs and filled the bath tub with bubbles and water. I added a few color my bath tabs to make the water pink.

JZ (4) and J-Bug (2) were mesmerized.

JZ was really fascinated and inspected the eggs carefully.  

I plan to use the same eggs for an Easter egg hunt in the dark one of these evenings.  You could also use glow sticks inside the eggs.

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  1. So cool! I can't wait to do this with my daughter! She us going to love it!

    Thanks for linking up to A Pinteresting Party this week!

  2. Those are cool! Thanks for the link for the led lights, what a great deal too!

  3. Thank you!! I saw this just before dinner tonight, and I managed to find four of our submersible lights. We have the color-changing ones, and I mismatched the colors of the two halves of each egg. It was really cool to watch the ways the different colors of light showed through the different colors of plastic in different ways. My husband also showed me a cool trick...once the eggs get full of water, if you let it drain out through the little holes near the side of the tub, where the water hits the tub you'll see a couple of dots of light, from a fiber optics-like effect. We all had so much fun!


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