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March 30, 2012

Sensory Play with Easter Eggs, Water Beads, and Light

Glowing Water Beads Easter Egg Sensory Bin

Glowing Easter egg sensory bin with water beads - what a cool combo!

The other day JZ (4) filled up a bin with water and water beads.  He did it all on his own and left them to hydrate.  That night J-Bug (2) played with them for hours.  He asked to put the plastic Easter eggs we used for our Glowing Easter Egg Hunt in them to scoop up the beads.  After he played with those for awhile he went downstairs.  I got the idea to fill some of the eggs with water beads and lights*, and the result was an uber cool sensory bin with plastic Easter eggs, water beads, and light.  

*Please note these are submersible lights.  Do not use regular lights with water beads, since they will get wet.

Sensory play with glowing Easter eggs and water beads - so cool!

How to Glowing Easter Eggs for Sensory Play

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When he came back upstairs he was delighted to find "surprises" in each of the eggs.

He opened each one and watched the water beads spill out.  Each time it was like a brand new experience for him.

When he had emptied them all he asked me to refill them, so he could do it again.

He used the eggs to scoop up the water beads and transfer them from one half of the shell to the other.  This was a great activity for fine motor practice.

You know when an activity keeps an active two year old mesmerized for over an hour it is a good one.

He loved watching the lights inside of the eggs when he shook them.

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  1. Cool one! I especially like the lights in the eggs with the water beads...definitely have to do this!

  2. My little one would love this! Thank you so much for the idea :D x


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