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April 10, 2012

Egg Shell Collages

Do you still have dyed eggs in your refrigerator?  Here is the perfect way to make good use of your resources!  Of the many crafts and activities I pinned to my Easter board over the past few weeks this Colored Eggshell Art from Tutus and Tea Parties was one I purposefully made time for.   My boys love process art, and I knew we would have plenty of dyed egg shells after Easter.  With the hard boiled egg itself, why not try this Mayo-less Egg Salad  from The Good Long Road?

JZ (4) helped me peel the shells off of the eggs.  This is a great exercise for fine motor skills.

We dyed 18 eggs, so we had a nice stash of shells.

Squeezing glue is one of JZ's favorite parts of crafting.

J-Bug (3) freely squirted his glue over the paper.

JZ used his hands to spread a few shells on his page.

J-Bug wanted to dump the whole container of shells onto his.

After adding his shells, J-Bug squeezed more glue on top to help them stick.  It's definitely about the process with toddlers.

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