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May 13, 2014

How to Make a Sundial

Kindergarten Sun Unit Study

How to make a sundial - kindergarten sun study

The other day I shared that I have started kindergarten with J-Bug (5) and why we love My Father's World Kindergarten.  Continuing with our study of the sun, we made a sundial.  This was J-Bug's favorite activity in our sun study yet!

How to Make a Sundial

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Directions:  Constructing our sundial was simple.  We used recycled materials.  I held the tube in the center of our cardboard square while J-Bug carefully glued it on.

Once we were sure there was enough glue to hold it upright we set the sundial in a place where the sun would hit it all day.  Seriously, could I have chosen a dirtier place to take photos?  This was the only place sun shines all day in our backyard that was out of reach of my toddler twins.  They are a tad on the destructive side lately, so I didn't want it anywhere they could reach.  It's important for the sundial to remain in the same position all day to get accurate results.

Ideally you would check the shadow of the sundial every hour on the hour, but we were happy to remember every two hours throughout the day.  My friend at Blog Me Mom and I often joke about how we are on the same wave length.  Wouldn't you know she made sundials last week, too?  I love her child decorated sundials.  J-Bug would love to decorate his!

How to make a sundial - hands on activities to learn about the sun

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