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August 1, 2014

Two Ingredient Paint Recipes

Quick and Easy Homemade Paint Recipes

21 two ingredient homemade paint recipes - quick and simple recipes to add texture, scents, and vibrant colors to kids art.

It's no secret I love creating homemade paint recipes for my kids.  Why?  Because I can create any texture, color, scent, or consistency I want when I make my own paint.  Of course we use store bought paint as well, and by mixing it up I'm able to provide a variety of sensory experiences through art, hopefully sparking creativity and a love for learning in my little ones.  Some of our paint recipes are a bit involved, and some are super simple.  For those of you with limited time {that really describes all of us, right?} I've compiled a list of all of our two ingredient homemade paint recipes.  Please note that I do not count water as an ingredient, although it is used in many of the recipes.  Other than water, all of these paint recipes only call for two ingredients.  Easy peasy.

21 Two Ingredient Paint Recipes

Rainbow Quick Paints

How to make sparkly homemade rainbow paints in just two minutes!

How to make mud paint - A sensory paint recipe for spring

Simple two ingredient recipe for making scented rain paint - Kids will love watching this paint mix as the rain falls!

A brand NEW two ingredient recipe for sidewalk chalk paint that is easy to spread and dries in bright and vibrant shades!  CORNSTARCH FREE

How to make moon dust paint for an art project that is out of this world!

Homemade natural watercolors made from real flowers - This experiment is amazing!

Scented sidewalk chalk paint recipe

How to make rainbow toast - edible milk paint recipe

How to make crushed chalk paint - I love this two ingredient paint recipe!

Two ingredient EDIBLE homemade paint recipe - safe for babies and toddlers and fun for all ages!

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21 TWO INGREDIENT homemade paint recipes for kids

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