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June 22, 2014

Quick Sand Paint Recipe

Homemade Sand Paint Recipe - Art for Kids

Two ingredient recipe for sand paint - sensory play and art combined with this simple recipe for PLAY!

Almost every week we try out a new homemade paint recipe.  Our quick paint recipe continues to be at the top of our list.  Why?  Because like the name implies, the paint recipe is quick and simple to make.  What's not to love about quick and simple?  We've made sand paint before both with play sand and also a scented version with Kool Aid.  These quick sand paints, not to be confused with quicksand, took two minutes to prep and provided an hour of sensory play and art for my kids.

How to make textured sand paint with just two ingredients - I love quick and easy play recipes!

How to Make Quick Sand Paints

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how to make sand paint

Directions:  All I did to make our quick sand paints was fill a few small containers with shaving cream and sprinkle craft sand on top.  You could also add liquid watercolor paint or food coloring in the same shades as the sand, but I didn't find it necessary.  Our focus was on the texture, and the colorful sand was eye catching enough.

Painting with sand - a two ingredient paint recipe

As always, when I walked outside with a tray of homemade paint, Tank and Peanut (35 months) followed me yelling, "Paaaaaaaint!"  J-Bug (5) also joined us.  They used the brushes at first but quickly decided the sand paints made a better finger paint recipe.

Partway through play J-Bug requested more sand.  Tip:  I poured some of the craft sand into small bowls rather than bringing out the entire container to avoid waste.

Shaving cream play is one of our favorite sensory activities, and the unique texture from the sand put an exciting spin on a classic favorite.

Use your best judgement when choosing art and sensory materials for little ones.  Shaving cream stings the eyes and is, of course, not edible.  Cool whip would be an excellent alternative for younger children.

The boys painted on a large sheet of butcher paper.  A sensory bin or shower curtain would also work.  Our art was more about the sensory experience.  If you are looking for a paint recipe that dries well, add a bit of school glue to the quick paint recipe.  The glue will help the shaving cream and sand dry and stick to paper.

Textured sensory play with shaving cream.  It's amazing how adding one simple ingredient puts a fun twist on a classic favorite.

After playing with his hands for quite awhile, Peanut decided to get back to the paint brushes.  One of the great things about shaving cream is that while it is a messy activity is it one of the cleanest messy activities.  It rinses away with water easily.  During warmer months I fill up the play pool or a sensory bin with water, and the boys transition to water play while getting clean.  If the messy aspect still concerns you a bit, here are my best tips and tricks for messy play.

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Painting with sand - art and sensory play

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing at After School!

  2. I just found your site and love it. My granddaughter will turn 2 next week. Should I worry about some of these recipes getting into her eyes? (sand, shaving cream) Not so much concerned with eating them. My second question is ... Wal-Mart has something called Scenic sand would this work for the quick sand paint? I live 2 hours away from a Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Also is one shaving cream better to use than another. It is 6 am can you tell I couldn't sleep!! Thanks, Kathy kdavis1@centurytel.net

    1. Yes avoid getting shaving cream and sand in the eyes. I keep towels handy, so my boys can quickly wipe their hands when necessary. I can also wipe their faces if anything accidentally gets wiped. Yes scenic sand should work perfectly for this. :)


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