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June 14, 2012

Crushed Chalk Paint Recipe

Crushed Chalk - Recipe for Play

How to make crushed chalk and ways to play and create with it

If your house is anything like mine you have tons of half used pieces of sidewalk chalk.  It reminds me of crayons.  Children love a brand new, full length stick of chalk and don't tend to reach for the stubs.  A couple years ago I discovered a use for all those tiny bits, and I created a whole new paint recipe using crushed chalk!  This simple recipe for play can be used in many ways and is easy to make.  We love making homemade paint and were thrilled to discover a new favorite.

A great way to use up bits and pieces of broken sidewalk chalk - turn it into a new recipe for play!

How to Make Crushed Chalk

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Making crushed chalk

Directions:  To make crushed chalk I sort all of the chalk pieces by color.  The kids can help with this step.  For this batch I included some new pieces of chalk as well to be sure I made plenty.

I sealed each color group in a ziploc baggie, and then JZ (6) and J-Bug (5) gently pounded the chalk until it was crushed.  It's important not to use too much force with the hammer to avoid splitting open the baggie.

Making crushed chalk

Multiple shades of the same color will blend and combine when crushed.  Watching the colors mix is  my favorite part of this process.

The ideal consistency is a fine powder.  Sometimes we think we are done pounding, but then we open the bag and discover several large chunks left still.  When that happens we reseal the bag and continue to break it up with the hammer.  If the baggies tears open, grab a new one.  We have also used an open container in lieu of baggies.  Please consider using protective eye wear if you go this route.

Crushed sidewalk chalk

Once all the colors are finely ground, the crushed chalk is ready to become paint!

Making crushed chalk for art and play - Genius ways to use up broken chalk pieces!

How to Make Crushed Chalk Paint

Crushed chalk - a great way to use up broken chalk bits - perfect for art and play recipes

Directions:  Are you ready for this?  Add water.  Boom.  Done.  Seriously, that's how easy it is to make crushed chalk paint!  Add the water slowly to avoid adding too much.  As you can see we still have quite a few larger chunks left in our chalk powder.  That's okay, they added a bit of texture to our paint recipe.  Tip:  Mixing with a whisk aids in getting rid of any pieces that are too large for the paint mixture.  Any crushed chalk that doesn't get used can be stored indefinitely in a baggie or container.

How to make crushed chalk paint

Take the crushed chalk paints and head outside, or to wherever you like to paint.  We tend to do our art outside.

How to make crushed chalk paint - I love this two ingredient paint recipe!

The chalk paint glides smoothly on paper and is really vibrant.

We haven't had any staining issues with crushed chalk paint, but here are my best laundry tips to keep clothes bright and stain free.  Since my twins are boycotting shirts lately this shouldn't be an issue for us anyway.

This paint recipe doubles nicely as finger paint.

Here is a good view of the paint when it's wet.

Create art with crushed chalk - simple paint recipe

As you can see it dries nicely and maintains most of the color.  The paper did warp a tiny bit, though.

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How to make paint with crushed chalk

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  1. I would have never thought to use sidewalk chalk paint for body paint. Great idea!

  2. SO fun!! I wouldn't have thought to use it as body paint either! Love that they helped hammer! I also love those little bear containers.

  3. What great fun...and i love them using Daddy's tools...can see my girls doing that soon as they love to watch him fixing things!

  4. ha I'm almost disappointed. I came up with this idea by myself and thought it was soooo ingenious! lol I guess there really is nothing new under the sun! We didn't mix it quite like you did, i just colored with the chalk in a big circle while it was wet to make a big goopy mess! http://www.beautifulinhistime.com/blog/sidewalk-chalk-fingerpaint

  5. Another fun idea...and thanks for sharing the link up too (so I can gather some ideas for summer fun with my kids). Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did on Adventures In Mommy Land!!

  6. Doesn't look like they took much encouragement to explore the paint. I love the moulds. So cute.

  7. This is so cool! So glad I am now following so I don't miss these fun things in the future! Love chalk so much, they can ever paint their hair!

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  9. We love using wet chalk... Never thought to crush it up first! Fun!

  10. Could you freeze this and make it Ice Chalk?

  11. if it dries out can you just add more water to the mix?

  12. Is it washable if done on chalkboard?

  13. Is it OK as body point? My 7 year old wants to use it for body painting


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