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March 18, 2012

Rainbow Toast

Edible Milk Homemade Paint Recipe

How to make edible milk paint to make rainbow toast

Another favorite St. Patrick's Day tradition in our house is making rainbow toast.  Kids love to play with their food, and this is the one time it's okay!  To make rainbow toast you need to make milk paint.  Milk paint is one of the most basic homemade paint recipes.  You probably have all you need to make it in your kitchen right now.

How to make rainbow toast - edible milk paint recipe

How to Make Milk Paint for Rainbow Toast

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Directions:  Add several drops of food coloring to milk and stir.  I mixed red and yellow to make orange and blue and red to make purple.  JZ (6) helped with the color mixing and getting the shades just right.

Set out the supplies, and invite your children to get creative.

Tank (25 months) felt the need to taste test his bread in between adding each color.

Peanut (25 months) painted the longest.  He asked for several pieces of bread and colored in every white area.

Just like his twin, Peanut felt the need to sample his artwork often.

JZ requested red and blue milk paint, and he made patriotic toast.

Once the boys were happy with their designs I popped them in the toaster, and then we ate our artwork.  This edible milk paint recipe is just one of our favorite homemade paints.

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Make rainbow toast for a fun twist on breakfast for snack time - It's simple and exciting!

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  1. I am going to share this post on my Facebook page today! It is just wonderful!

  2. Butter with food coloring, wouldn't that be tastier on bread?...it would work, wouldn't it?

    1. It might? I think it would take a bit of work to mix the coloring with butter, but you could try it. :)

  3. Wow! How much fun is this? I love this idea. I'm looking for activities that'll keep my toddler busy during the long winter months. This should fit the bill. Pinning!

  4. I love the concept but doesn't it make the bread gross and soggy?

  5. Do you toast it before or after painting it with the milk mixture?

  6. This is so cool!!! I wonder what else could be painted?

  7. Really a good idea! I think this will be my brother's breakfast on weekends! He's 5 years old and he loves painting

  8. The link to the milk paint recipe says to use sweetened condensed milk, but this page just says "milk". Is either one fine?

    1. Yes either. :) We used regular milk for the toast.

  9. Awesome idea- will have a Rainbow Day near the end of term and try this out with my class!


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