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March 6, 2012

Painting Rainbows with Marshmallows

Marshmallow Rainbows - Fine Motor Art for Kids

Painting rainbows with marshmallows - fine motor art for kids

Today we pulled out a favorite activity, painting rainbows with marshmallows.  We paint rainbows every year at this time in anticipation of spring.  The boys get a huge kick out of painting with marshmallows, and I get the satisfaction of knowing that using marshmallows boosts fine motor skills.

How to Paint with Marshmallows

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Painting with marshmallows - fine motor art for kids

I set up an invitation to paint rainbows by filling up a silicone mold with the seven colors of the rainbow.  I attached marshmallows to toothpicks.  This step is optional.  Sometimes we use toothpicks, and other times we don't.

All four boys love painting with food, so this art project is always guaranteed to captivate them all.

Fine motor art for kids - painting with marshmallows

JZ (6) has the tendency to choose one color and stick with it.  He painted a solid blue arch and proudly showed off his "rainbow".

Tank (25 months) used the marshmallows on the toothpicks for awhile then pulled them apart and rolled the marshmallows in the paint.

J-Bug (4) wanted a perfect rainbow. It was really important to him to get it right.  After painting his rainbow we used school glue to attach several marshmallows to one end, forming a cloud.

Painting marshmallow rainbows - fine motor art for kids

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Making rainbows with marshmallows - fine motor painting for kids

More rainbow activities for kids:

 Super simple homemade paint recipe in gorgeous, vibrant colors!  The texture is smooth and silky, perfect for using brushes or finger painting.  


  1. What a idea! Not able to use food for art in the child care I work in, however my 5 y.o. DD and 2 y.o. DS will love it!

  2. Where does the glue fit in? Thanks.

    1. Oh sorry! I neglected to mention that we glued the marshmallow clouds to the paper.

  3. If you don't have tempra paint just use the glue and mix food coloring into it.


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