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March 7, 2012

Oh Baby!

One thing that is very important to me in my parenting is to be actively involved and present with my children. What does this mean? When I set up a sensory bin for JM and JZ I'm not on my phone checking Facebook or e-mail. I don't set it up to occupy them while I run off. I'm sitting there attentive, talking with them and joining in the fun. This teaches them that they are important to me. It instills confidence in children when we show them they are worthy of our undivided attention.

As crazy as it might be, I don't give KJ and KO my undivided attention very often.  When I'm nursing them  (like right now) I'm usually blogging, checking e-mail, scrapbooking digitally, etc.  Don't get me wrong.  I hold them  A LOT.  I'm a babywearing addict, and typically I have one of them on my back in a wrap throughout most of the day.  (Don't worry, they take turns.  I don't have favorites, LOL.)

But while I'm holding or wearing them I'm usually cooking, playing with JZ and JM, doing laundry, and on and on...

Now that they are getting bigger and more curious about the world around them I decided I need to spend some time every day giving the two of them my complete attention.  No phone, no computer, no chores, just hanging with my babies.

Yesterday a package from Amazon arrived, and I pulled out the packaging and gave it to them to play with.

*Please note:  They do not have teeth to be able to bite off a chunk, and I did not walk away from them at any time.*

This entertained them for well over a half hour.  The noise and texture intrigues babies and provides fun sensory stimulation.  Who needs toys?

KJ sat up unassisted almost the entire time!  His previous record was only about ten seconds.

 By the way, I don't put name tags on them, LOL.  These were taken yesterday after BSF while the big boys were napping.  They are in the nursery at BSF, so they need name tags in there.  :)

What have you explored with your babies lately?

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1 comment:

  1. Haha I love this :)
    My beautiful DS is nearly 9 months and such a handful but as long as I involve him in whatever I am doing his is totally absorbed. I was sewing some outfits for him and gave him the entire bag of off cuts and ribbons etc for him to explore. He sat there for HOURS just playing with all the different textures!
    I learnt something from play school the other day. As I sat there wondering how DS was so entranced by a man painting a picture. I realised that he would talk to the babies/DS directly and show them what he was doing (close ups) He was engaging them and I realised that I don't do this. When I'm cooking I talk "out loud" but not to DS and I wasn't showing him what I was talking about. Which would be so boring for even adults. Ever since this "discovery" DS has been fully engaged in what I am doing!


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