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August 27, 2014

Apple Graphing

Apple season is here!  I love the colorful variety of apples God created, and apple graphing is the perfect way for young learners to work on hands on math skills.

Apple graphing - hands on math for fall

Kindergarten Apple Unit Study

We have a whole lot of apple activities coming your way as part of My Father's World Kindergarten.  My Father's World has a strong focus on nature based learning, and fall is the perfect season for learning in nature.  The gorgeous colors all around provide a palette for hands on math skills for kindergarten.

Graphing apples by color - hands on math activities for preschool and kindergarten

How to Graph Apples by Color

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Invitation to graph apples by color

To kick off our apple unit study J-Bug and I took a trip to the grocery store and purchased one of each  type of apple sold there.

Apple graphing for fall

I uses colored pencils and a ruler to draw the lines on a piece of paper to make a graph.  I wrote each apple color in the corresponding colored pencil, so J-Bug could easily identify the word.

Using foam stickers to graph apples by color

Colored paper or crayons could easily be used in place of the foam stickers.  I liked the added benefit of boosting fine motor skills in this activity.  Besides, what child doesn't enjoy using stickers?

Peeling stick backs to boost fine motor skills

When the graph was complete I asked J-Bug questions like, "Which color had the most?", "Which color had the least?", and "How many green apples were there?" to extend the math lesson.

Apple graphing - kindergarten math activity for fall

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Set up an invitation to graph apples by color - fall hands on learning for preschool and kindergarten

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