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August 21, 2014

Glowing Milk Paint Recipe

It's been a long time since we shared a glowing activity!  We replenished our glowing art supplies this week, and the first thing my boys wanted to do was paint in the dark.

Two ingredient glowing paint recipe that dries glossy and gorgeous!

Glowing Paint Recipe

We make most of our own paint recipes, and one of JZ's favorite paint recipes of all times was our glowing paint.  During the summer we don't use our black light a whole lot since the boys are usually in bed before it gets dark.  As fall approaches and the nights get longer, we are ready for some glowing fun.

Simple to make glowing paint recipe in bold, vibrant colors.

How to Make Glowing Milk Paint

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Painting with glowing milk paint

Directions:  I made our glowing milk paint the same way I made our baby and toddler safe paint, but I substituted fluorescent watercolors for the food coloring.  I used approximately a 50/50 ratio to mix the paint, using equal amounts of both the condensed milk and the fluorescent watercolors.  I gently stirred the two ingredients together, and then I set up an invitation to paint in the dark.

Painting with our two ingredient homemade glowing paint recipe

Fluorescent paint glows under a black light, but please note that it will not glow without one.  I positioned the black light above our painting area, so the light poured over us.

How to make glowing paint

My favorite thing about milk paint is that it dries glossy and gorgeous.  Our glowing milk paint can be seen in natural light as well as under a black light, so these paintings can be hung up and displayed when dry. 

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How to make GLOWING paint for a super cool painting experience in the dark!

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