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October 16, 2012

Glowing Clean Mud - Ivory Soap Explosion with a Twist

Recipe for Play - Glowing Clean Mud

Have you ever done the Ivory soap explosion experiment?  It is beyond simple and way too cool.  Even though we don't use it for bathing I keep Ivory soap on hand for those days when we need to throw together a quick sensory bin.  Since the boys love glowing play I thought it would be fun to add some glowing play to the Ivory soap sensory activity.

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Directions:  Cut the Ivory soap bar into  2-4 portions.  You don't have to cut it much, but we like to cut it into four pieces so we can do the experiment four times. Put the soap in the microwave on a paper plate, and cook it for a minute or two.  The time can vary from microwave to microwave.  I keep an eye on the soap, and once it stops "growing" I stop the microwave.

The end result is pretty cool.  The soap grows into a fluffy white puff.  My boys love to touch it and break it apart.  I move it to a sensory bin before they start handling it, so it won't make a mess everywhere.

Once the soap is in a bin we break it up with our hands.

Okay, it's still pretty messy.  My boys like to pretend it is snow falling.  They grab it by the handful and drop it back into the bin.  Yes we get several stray pieces, but since it's soap I don't worry too much.  We live in Southern California and don't see a lot of snow, so I guess they need to have their fun when they can, right?

To make clean mud add torn up pieces of toilet paper to the soap, and add water.

The term "clean" is a bit misleading.  This is not a mess free activity, but it's the kind of mess that isn't too hard to clean up.  Grab a dustbuster and a dry rag, and you're set.  Here are my best tips for messy play.

Like I mentioned above, water is needed to make clean mud.  On this particular night I thought it would be fun to make GLOWING clean mud, so instead of plain water I added glow water to the soap and toilet paper. The boys mixed the ingredients well by hand, and our GLOWING Clean Mud turned out spectacular.  We turned on the black light, and they played for almost an hour.

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  1. We did the Ivory soap, experiment a couple months ago and my son loved it. But the whole house smelled like it. I love how you added this twist to it. We are going to try this. Love all your glow ideas. Pinning it to my glow board. (Momma's Fun World)

  2. This looks like so much fun! I have never tried using ivory soap, I'm not even sure if we have it in Australia! I'm sure we have something like it. Pinned this for later. Visiting from the Kids Co Op.

    1. @Kylie - You can get this in Australia now at Chalk Drop. I don't think it works with other types of soap.

    2. Works with Jergan's Pure Soap too. I done this with laundry soap to make my detergent and it worked out great, so shredding but my microwave smelled like soap for a week but came clean like never before.

    3. Jergan's Pure soap works too.

  3. The ivory soap explosion looked fun enough... but add the glowing party and WOW! I want to play too =-)

    I am featuring this today at TGIF (http://www.livinglifeintentionally.blogspot.com/2012/10/tgif-linky-party-53.html) Thanks for linking up! I hope to see you again today =-)


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  5. How do you make the glow water? I don't see the instructions.


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