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September 23, 2013

Preschool Activities for Fall

Hands on learning for preschool with a fall theme.

Preschool activities for fall using foam leaves.  Hands on ideas for math and literacy!

Fall Alphabet Activities and Math Games

I've finally comes to terms with the fact that summer is over.  I am definitely enjoying the cooler days.  I cut out these foam leaves weeks ago when it was in the triple digits in the heat of the day, but I didn't have the energy to set up the preschool activities I had in mind until the weather cooled off a bit.  We finally had a cool day last week, and I went outside and set up a leaf hunt for J-Bug (4).  He really thrives on one on one time with me, and he gets so excited when we do hands on learning!  A few of his favorites include ABC eruptions, gross motor math games, and gross motor phonics games.

Going on a leaf hunt with alphabet activities and math games for hands on learning in preschool.

How to Create an Alphabet Leaf Hunt

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An alphabet leaf hunt, hands on preschool learning for fall

Before inviting J-Bug outside I hid some leaves throughout the backyard.  I cut the leaves by hand about a month ago.  Of course once I had finished it occurred to me that Michaels or other craft stores would most likely have precut foam leaves.  Oh well!  Then I used a Sharpie to write lowercase letters on all the leaves.  On the other side I wrote the numbers 1-26.  I hung some of the leaves on tree branches using clothespins, and I scattered the rest beneath the trees in our backyard.

J-Bug and I read We're Going on a Leaf Hunt together.  It's one of our favorite books for fall!  He was so excited when I told him that we were going to go on a leaf hunt in our own backyard.

He cracked me up when he said he needed to get his sword in case any of the leaves were up really high in the trees.  He told me he would use his sword to cut them down.  Oh how I love this boy.

Then he got to work finding the leaves.

With each leaf he grabbed he read the letter, said the letter sound, and named the number written on it.

Preschool counting games for fall

An added bonus for this preschool activity is that opening clothespins builds fine motor skills.

Going on a leaf hunt - hands on alphabet and math games for preschool

After we had gathered all of the foam leaves we brought them inside.  I had J-Bug choose five.  I held them in my hands, and he picked randomly.  We turned them with the numbers face up.

Math games in preschool for fall

He used the transparent counters to make the numbers below each leaf.

Preschool math activities

We only did those five that first day to give him an activity appropriate to his age and attention span.  On another day we will choose another five.  There are so many preschool activities that can be done with the numbered leaves.  He can work on making tally marks, grouping, ordering, one to one correspondence, skip counting, learning odd and even numbers and more math games.

Fall math games for preschool

Next we turned all of the letters face up.

Fall literacy activities for preschool

I set out our capital milk cap letters.

J-Bug matched the uppercase and lowercase letters by placing the milk cap on the corresponding leaf.

Letter matching with leaves

He did the entire alphabet, but I encourage you to work at your child's level and pace.  In early education it's important to establish a love for learning.  I do my best to follow his cues and keep our work appropriate to his pace.  These leaves would also be perfect for putting the alphabet in order, building CVC words, introducing blends and other fun alphabet activities.

Preschool literacy activities for fall

More learning with leaves:
Uppercase and lowercase match up -fall  literacy activity for preschool.

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More Hands on Learning Activities for Fall

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  1. I cannot believe you cut out all of those leaves by hand! Clearly it paid off though. It looks like your boy had a great time learning. I love how you incorporated the milk cap letters.

  2. I love this post! Where did you get the template? Did you make it? Will you share it? I wouldn't care to cut them out. This looks like such an awesome activity to use and my daughter would love it! I love the milk caps too! So many great ideas!

    1. Thanks! You can buy them precut at craft stores. Of course I didn't think of that until after I had cut them all. ;) I have seen them at Michael's and even Target.


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