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August 30, 2014

Apple Tree World Family Literacy Game

To go along with our apple unit study I put together a word family apple tree activity to help him as he is learning to read.

Word family apple trees - a literacy game for fall

Kindergarten Apple Unit Study

J-Bug has been learning to read, and I've noticed that he does really well with word families.  He isn't ready to sound out unrelated words in a sentence yet, but the repetitiveness of word family activities helps him remember how to sound out words and combine different sounds.  Since we are on the apple unit of My Father's World Kindergarten I decided to set up a literacy activity using apple trees.

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Word family apple tree game - kindergarten literacy activity for fall

Directions:  I cut tree shapes on green and brown construction paper.  I used a circle punch to cut out red apples.  I wrote consonants on the apples and word families on the green part of the trees.  For this activity I used _at, _an, _ap, and _ar, but of course any word family could be used according to your child's level and ability.  I attached the trees to the wall with craft tape, and I secured tape along the perimeter of the tree, sticky side out.  J-Bug held up an apple letter to form a word in the center of the tree, and he sounded out each word before attaching the apple letters to the outside of the tree.

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