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September 25, 2013

Apple Scented Fall Quick Paint Recipe

A quick paint recipe for fall that takes two minutes to whip up!

Homemade paint recipe that takes seconds to mix in yummy apple scents and gorgeous fall colors.

Recipe for Play - Apple Scented Paints for Fall

This morning my two year old twins walked into the kitchen and asked to paint.  My first thought was to grab the tempura paint, but then I saw the apple flavor sitting on the counter from a project we did yesterday.  I decided to whip up a quick batch of candy apple paints.  We've been having a ton of apple scented fun this fall.  We've made candy apple rice, apple scented sidewalk chalk paint, apple scented soap foam, and apple pie dough.  Since I hadn't even made breakfast yet I reached for the ingredient that makes paint in seconds.

Quick, easy, and frugal paint recipe in yummy fall colors and scents!

How to Make Apple Scented Shaving Cream Paint

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Invitation to paint with homemade candy apple paints.

Directions:  Add shaving cream to small bowls or containers.  Mix color, scent and glitter in each batch.  I made candy apple red, apple cinnamon green, golden delicious yellow, and caramel brown.

Painting with fall scented paint

Peanut and Tank (26 months) waited patiently while I mixed up the paints, then they hurried outside to start creating.  The golden delicious was my favorite, because of the sparkly glitter.

Golden delicious homemade paint recipe for fall

JZ (6) saw us painting and came outside to join in the fun.  Without being told that the paints were scented he leaned in to sniff them all.  The candy apple red was his favorite, followed closely by the green apple cinnamon.  I didn't get a good photo of him, but the moment was too special not to share.

Candy apple paint recipe

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Quick and simple apple scented paint recipe for fall

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