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July 31, 2013

Beat the Heat with Water Balloons

Summer Fun with Water Balloons

6 unique ways to play with water balloons

Who doesn't love water balloons?  They are one of the best toys for summer fun!  The only thing I don't care for is filling them, but it's a small price to pay for a ton of fun.  Water balloons are the perfect toy to help beat the heat and play outside during the summer.  Of course we love traditional games with water balloons like a good old fashioned water balloon fight.  We also love experimenting with water balloons and creating new ways to play with them.  

6 Unique Ways to Play with Water Balloons

We've played this chilly gross motor game a couple of times, and it is guaranteed fun!  Make frozen bowling balls by freezing large balloons filled with water over night.

Beat the heat while staying active with bowling balls made of ICE - so cool!

This summer sensory activity is so simple.  Fill up water balloons and toss them into the play pool.  Can you pop a water balloon in a pool of water?

Fill water balloons with vinegar and toss into a pool of baking soda.  Add coloring for more super cool eruptions.

Our favorite activity from this summer!  Fill balloons with colored water, then pop in a pool of water to watch the colors mix.  Awesome summer science for kids!

We invited our playgroup over for a water balloon play date, and one of our favorite games was water balloon basketball!

Fill water balloons with water beads for a whole new sensory activity.  Freeze the water bead filled balloons for added summer fun.

Fill water balloons with water beads for the coolest sensory experience ever!

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What is your favorite way to play with water balloons?

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