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July 20, 2013

Play Dates {Water Balloons}

Fun in the Sun with Water Balloons

This week when we hosted our playgroup we had a water balloon theme.  Past play dates include newspaper snowball fight, Kool Aid play, and pool noodle games.  We have so much fun at our weekly play dates, and this water balloon day was no exception.  My only complaint was how quickly the children went through the balloons.

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Before the play date I filled our small play pool with water balloons and set it out in between two targets.  The first target was our basketball hoop.

Since the age of the children in attendance ranged from one to six I didn't give too many rules or instructions.  The children were free to stand as close to or as far away from the targets as they chose.  For the water balloon basketball some kids tossed the balloons from far away, and others preferred to go for the slam dunk.

The other target I used was the three pool noodle rings from our pool noodle play date.

The kids had a blast tossing balloons into the targets.

The toddlers mostly just chucked the water balloons wherever they pleased, enjoying the resulting splash.

Some of the kids, like my own J-Bug (4) really got into the games.

He was so adorable preparing to throw and keeping his eye on the target.

Like I mentioned above, my only complaint was how fast the kids could go through the balloons.  A few of the moms and I kept filling new balloons as quickly as we could.  I so appreciated their help!

Once we decided that there had been enough water balloon play the kids jumped into the play pool and enjoyed some water play.

The highlight of the play date for me was watching their creativity and team work.  They used our Radio Flyer ramp to create a pseudo water slide.  

They took turns filling buckets of water from the pool then dumping the buckets on the ramp as someone slid down.

I love when children work together and use their imaginations!

This was the perfect game to stay cool and a fantastic way to extend the use of our ramp.

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