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April 28, 2013

Play Dates {Pool Noodles}

Gross Motor Activities with Pool Noodles

This is the second post in a series about themed play dates.  Last week I shared about our Kool Aid themed play date.  This week was all about games with pool noodles.

Pool Noodle Game #1:  Ball Toss

Supplies: (affiliate links provided)

I used packing tape to secure the pool noodles in a ring shape, and then I attached three pool noodle rings together.  I rested the targets against our grape vine and secured it with some more packing tape.  Packing tape is so versatile and inexpensive, and it came off easily after the play date.

I set a bucket of tennis balls in front of the pool noodle targets, and the children threw the balls into the holes.  Older children, like JZ (5), kept score, giving the higher targets a higher value.  Toddlers mostly walked right up to the targets and put the balls through them.  Bean bags or other balls could be substituted for the tennis balls.

Pool Noodle Game #2: Hurdles


We made the same hurdles from pool noodles like we did last year, and it was every bit as fun as before.  Pool noodle hurdles are great for all ages.  Toddlers can work on balance as they cautiously step over the pool noodles.

Older children can get creative and make their own games with pool noodles.

J-Bug (4) thought it was hilarious to set the pool noodles up and knock them over.

Pool Noodle Game #3:  Block Pyramids


I stacked pool noodle pieces on the side of our mud pit, and the children kicked and threw balls at the towers to knock them over.

JZ really enjoys playing soccer, and this game was a great way for him to practice kicking towards a target.

The toddlers just liked to stack the pool noodles then knock them over with their hands.

Pool Noodle Game #4:  Pool Noodle Hockey


Pool noodle hockey was JZ and J-Bugs favorite part of our play date.  They played long after our friends went home.  If you don't have a goal net you can use cones or domes to mark goals like we did in our pool noodle obstacle course.

Tank (21 months) tried his best to hit the ball with a pool noodle, but he finally decided it was easier to just pick up the ball and toss it into the goal.

Pool Noodle Game #5:  Tunnel Ring


I taped two pool noodles together to form a giant ring.  The ring can be used for children to climb through and hit or throw a ball through.  I used packing tape to attach it to a tree branch to keep it in place for our play date.

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  1. Holy Moly! Who knew you could do so much with the humble pool noodle? Great ideas, Allison!


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